New Samsung remote control features TV screen

Posted: January 21, 2010 in Business

You’re watching a movie on television but really want to step away to fix a sandwich. Or nature calls when the game is tied and there are just a few seconds left. Samsung does not want you to miss any of the action, so the South Korean electronics giant is coming out with a remote control with a built-in TV screen.

The touchscreen device can come in useful in ways other than satisfying hunger pangs or calls of nature.”Like say you’re watching something and someone else doesn’t want to watch it, or say there’s two games you’re following on at the same time,” the Samsung spokeswoman said.

“Or if you’re watching say Blu-ray on the TV you can watch something different on the remote,” Unland said.

“It’s also a standard TV remote with all the functions you would normally get, use it to get files, pictures, audio and video from your PC to your TV.”

Wa7na meta ra7 Nekhtere3lena shay :[

  1. Five / Four says:

    لوووول ضخكتيني على متى راح نخترع شي

    أنا ما ضحكني إلا الكويتي اللي ذبحونا فيه اللي صرحو له برائة إختراع وكان مخترع نفس سكيتينج على سبرينجات

    هذول مو كله نشوفهم بالباباياات!! يعني ما ياب شي من عندي

    هذي الكويت صلي على النبي ;P

  2. Five / Four says:

    أمبيه سوري عبالي بنت

    توني أشوف صفحة الabout me


  3. ba6alah says:

    loool , ma 3alaih 7asal khair :] a7na khal negdar enafes eb shay bel awal 3ashan nekhtere3 :r

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