Change the weather Eshway !

Posted: January 25, 2010 in Random

One of my friends called me saying “hala bel 7abeb esh3endek? 7ayaak our camp ” geltla wallah madre :/ chan eygoly ta3al Ghayer Jaw eshway , It start raining and I like driving wehya etma6er “tadron ba3ad romance ana aslan sa3at eynadony Romeo” elmohim mo hathy salfatna  wesalt ehnak we played cards and watched the Big Event “Inter Vs Milan” o wa7ed mn el rabe3 Allah eysam7a yayeb kastana gelt momtaz !! bas lel Asaf Wakalna fa7am bedal el kastana

Aslan shakelha ey3awer el galb chenha re’at wa7ed يدخن nages yaktebon ta7at’ha التدخين سبب رئيسي لمرض السرطان.

P.S : Latyebon ma3akom kastana etha ma7ad ey3areflaha :r

  1. msha3erha says:

    Apart from that chestnut I hope you enjoyed your time wo ‘3ayyart jaw 😀
    P.s: I think I read that you smoke in one of your posts etha ma kent m5arfah :p so you should consider the lung thing ant try to quit

  2. Coconut says:

    zain tsawi.. Enshalah ya3ne n5ale9 mn exams 3ashan netnafas eshway, zahga!
    PS. Fashaltoona! etha sawainaa kastana here I’ll post about it and show you how it’s done :P! (try and dip it in chocolate, yummy!)

  3. ba6alah says:

    msha3erha: wallah ‘3ayarna jaw wel jaw aslan ‘3ayarna hehehe and about smoking well of course I will Inshallah bas kelyoom agool bacher :[

    Coconut : good luck in ur exams o etha sawaitaw kastana please write the steps :r and about dipping it in chocolate it wont work out with our poor Disabled Kastana :/

  4. moony says:

    mat3rf tshweeha? ;p

  5. Five / Four says:

    LOOOL!!! ma teswa 3alaik hal kastana
    i love it too bas wala mara sawooha 3adil 3endina

    BTW “ana aslan sa3at eynadony Romeo” cracked me up b3d

    P.S: i subscribed to ur blog ;]

  6. ba6alah says:

    Five/Four e wallah shakelhom el shabab beyjarbon fena lama yathbe6onha :[

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