Twitter users will visit space center

Posted: January 25, 2010 in Random

A hundred lucky Twitter users will receive an invitation to go inside the Johnson Space Center in Houston during a space shuttle mission in February. I think it would be so exciting but unfortunately I wont be one of them cause I’m not twitter user :[ anyways this is remind me with savage garden song I don’t know if you remember it .

P.S: I would go 2 the moon and back but if I got a chance apparently 3ala wath3 el dera we will stay on earth and never reach the space , maktob 3alaina Enshof le9war faqa6 la ‘3air  :E

  1. ENGINEER A says:

    looool I liked ur P.S.

    o enta el 9aaj 3la elwa”93 ellee belderah 5al eyeboon es6oool 6a2raat methel el3alam o talee efakroon bel space!! 🙂

  2. Five / Four says:

    LOOOL ur P.S. always cracks me up

    baaaih memories hal song khal ayeeb elsama3at asma3ha ;]

    twitter sakheef i might delete my account lol

  3. ba6alah says:

    Five/Four ee wallah memories :[
    laish deleting the twitter ? :/

  4. Five / Four says:

    madri ya3ni there’s no use to tell the world what i’m doing

    b3dain its main idea inah u update ur twitter status when u write a new post so ppl will know inah u updated (net7acha hal case if they dont know how to use google reader) bs elnaas emsaweenah chat w their statuses i’m finding them useless

    i dont mind posting status ib what ur doing bs mo kil 1 second emsawenha live chat.. itseer malaqa elsalfa

    fa madry sara7a.. mo emfakir itsawi account??
    this is my account if u wanna check

  5. ba6alah says:

    ana gelt yemken afoz eb re7la wela shay nafs ely saweta NASA ana law eywadony el space center e7temal a3eesh feha aslan :p

  6. MAZE says:

    looool 7elwah minik..u made my day!

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