Why We Should Wake Up Early ?

Posted: January 25, 2010 in Life

The Benefits of waking up early :

1- Stress reduction”3ashan ma et3asbon ebser3a” .

2- Controls and prevent diseases.”3ashan ma tet3awoqon”

3-Improves memory”3ashan ma tenson”.

4-Enhances quality of life “feeling more happy”.

5-Increase energy level.”3ashan ma ete3eyezon”.

6-Weight can be maintained.”7ag lemtan 3ashan yeth3ofon”

7-Keep Your Heart Healthy.”3ashan et3eshon more 3ala kawkabna al jameel. :]

P.S 1 : la ete7al6omon 3ala ga3dat el seb7 look 2 the bright side! :[

I like to wake up early, I feel more happy ,I can read the news paper “7asha motaqa3ed :r” eat my breakfast and read some books but this days I can’t sleep early I wake up eshwaya late o ye3tefes eshwaya yomy, Kel yoom aqarer tomorrow ra7 a3adel el noma bas ham kelyoom agool bacher so now qarart! a3adel nomty bacher and I wish bacher magol ra7 a3adelha 3ogob bacher :r   .

P.S 2 : About the picture this is what i look like when i try 2 sleep early “bas ma3a gofol” :[

  1. Five / Four says:

    LOOOOOOOOL @ this is what i look like when i try 2 sleep early “bas ma3a gofol” :[

    ana 7adi men’3atha.. it’s 1:12am and i still didn’t sleep w bacher mako a7ad bil office ela ana ALL absent w kil banat il koliya ra7 yekonon foug rasi ya3ni ashkara malyoon hoosha betseer

    haman ana this is my face now nafs el pic al7een ib hal la7tha!!


  2. QuestionQ8 says:

    interesting, thats good to know. Atleast now i have a reason to wake up! ;p

  3. ba6alah says:

    Five/Four Allah eykon eb 3onech next time take two panadol night o inshallah every thing gona be fine :]

    QuestionQ8 you have a reason ? You have 7 reasons 3ala 3adad ayam lesbo3

  4. msha3erha says:

    I liked this post 😀
    I’m a morning bird already 😀

  5. Loool the babys face mo 9j!! I’m gona come see his face every time I need a laugh

  6. ba6alah says:

    msha3erha good than u will live longer inshallah :]

    Hi-maintenance feel free but I might charge you next time “u know ba3ad ba6alah” 😛

  7. Frankom says:

    Ana ag3ad elsa3a 5:00AM mo 3lshan shay

    COZ I HATE elza7ma 😛

  8. ba6alah says:

    Frankom 7ata ana lama kent adawem I used 2 wake up too early bas el moshkela anam also too late hehe

  9. dora says:

    3ayal lesh ana kl ma agom early ma ante7acha :P:P after i eat my breakfast and have my coffee b3den i work normally !

  10. dora says:

    btw bsawe print 7g el 9ora wa6el eb wayhek ne9 el lail 2 c if he looks like u wela la :P:P

  11. ba6alah says:

    dora entay ma ete7achain etnamen met’akher maybe :/

  12. Modish says:

    i really like to wake up early bs mo 6 am :/ abi dwam yabdi at 10 so agom 8 am ma 3indi mshakil

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