Next Time Make Sure That I’m Dead!

Posted: January 26, 2010 in Random

KATOWICE, Poland, Jan. 26 (UPI) — A Polish funeral director said he opened the coffin of a 76-year-old man to retrieve items for the bereaved family only to discover the man was still alive.

Many times I hear about some one die and after a while he’s back to life again! o this days kathra hal stories ! shino kel hatha yaboon el faka?! y3ny I wonder how? this man esdefat weyah laken how many person buried alive ” no one know ” ! this is murder but in different way! atwaqa3 el rayal yoom gam mn el gaber galohom “Next Time Make Sure That I’m Dead”, it’s really weird! are you serious? we didn’t reach the level that help us to know if he’s dead or not ?!

P.S : Etha met “ba3ad 3omor 6owel Inshallah :r” I will make sure ya36ony mohla thalath ayam 3al aqal! chood as7a  “ra7 akteb bel waseya! wela tara ma7ad yorath! :[”

UPI News

  1. reemas says:

    thats not good at all.. wake up and u r 6 feet under.
    thats sooo not good.
    hate to think about it. that would be the worst death.
    i agree with ur suggestion.

  2. lemon-aid says:

    kaaaaaaaaaaaaak! ee wallah! nice blog;p awal mara asayer 3alaik oo inshallah mu a5r mara

  3. ba6alah says:

    Reemas e wallah :/

    Hi-maintenance it is!

    lemon-aid : today ebalash maybe 2moro beflos :p

  4. Five / Four says:

    omg this is terrifying

    i’d die if i was min hal rayaal eli shaafah wakes up from death.. HEART ATTACK immediately

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