Do U Want to Increase Your Memory Power ?

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Life

It’s Good to share with you certain information that helps you to increase and develop the way your memory work :]

1- Eat Brain Food “Such as” :

  • Apples
  • Avocados
  • Bananas
  • Blueberries
  • Dark green vegetables, such as spinach
  • Eggs
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Salmon

2- Take Fish Oil : The best type of fish oil to take is high-grade pharmaceutical fish oil in liquid form. And you can take the fish oil capsules it’s more easier .

3- Stop Drinking Sodas .”Uncle Pepsi o moshtaqata”

4- Avoid Fast Food as much as you can .

5-Take Natural supplements “o tes3en kha6 ta7at natural”.

6-Chew Gum ! weird ha? But a Research studies indicate that chewing gum can improve short-term and long-term memory.

7- Eat Chocolate,  That’s right! Research from the Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia shows that eating milk chocolate or dark chocolate can improve memory by as much as 20%. “Bas 3ad mo wayed And they are not talking about snickers o hal kharabe6.

8- Eat Breakfast “it’s the most important meal in the day!”

9-Avoid white pasta, Avoid foods made with white flour , such as white bread, white pasta, donuts, and so on . “adre sa3ba bas qalelaw menha eshwaya”

10- Lose some weight : Control your weight to keep your blood sugar steady. This will help your brain and memory work better and give you more mental energy.

And of course sleeping early! I already talked about it lately. this is major things I picked them up and sure there is more to do 2 increase your power of memory but I’m talking about food and the best way to increase your memory with.

P.S : 7esat el 3olom ekhlasat see you next class :]

Al Qabas News

About the Chew Gum studies

  1. Coconut says:

    thank you for the great tips.. All I’ve been drinking lately is coffee, and eating chocolate 😛 (atleast I’m doing one thing right:P). Exams suck, I think I’d like to join the ba6alah movement 😛

  2. ba6alah says:

    Coconut lol! I’m talking about dark chocolate don’t misunderstand me :E .
    1st graduations then ba6alah World! “6ab3an J/K” :]

  3. Her says:

    walla i tried everything .. i have a gold fish’s memory :p

  4. nemo says:

    interesting thanks :p
    I can’t say i will do all of that but its good to know lol

  5. ba6alah says:

    Her: lol a7san! so u wont think much in problems :p

    nemo : eh this is our problem :[ 3ala golat ekhwana el masreyen “a7na ebne3raf mabne3melsh”

  6. Five / Four says:

    ur comments always crack me up!

    w ham ur pics choices LOL

    ahhh ana eli i need to change the whole diet.. bs karasht abi flat abs! LOL mara wa7da la7’6 flat abs :/

    pepsi min ashreeba ye3awir kelyiti. thats why i stopped.. bs i need to cut off uncle pepsi’s moshtaqaat 😡

  7. QuestionQ8 says:

    those are great tips! I know most of them bs ma a6abeq! kela agol yala mn next week, month, course abdee bs i never do ! ;p

  8. juvebizkit says:

    good information

  9. ba6alah says:

    Five/Four roba tharaton nafe3a “bel nesba 7ag ur kelya” khaletech teg6e3en Uncle Pepsi o moshtaqata “Always see the bright side :] ”

    QuestionQ8 agdar agool same here :I

    juvebizkit You more than welcome :]

  10. msha3erha says:

    Okay, I eat BRAIN food :p elmosama 7elo
    I don’t take fish oil :S ana zain menni akel grilled fish only :S
    I don’t drink soda 😀 yaaay
    Fast food! hmmm twice in a month
    Natural supplements?! I don’t know what these could be! :S
    Gum! weird!!!
    Milk chocolate is amazing 😀
    No going out without breakfast 😀
    White pasta is my love :O
    Weight is healthy al7amdullelah 😀

    I think I did well in this science exam :p Thank you professor :p lol

  11. MAZE says:

    interesting post…bes khalas kbirna ma ba2a bte7roz :p

  12. ba6alah says:

    msha3erha A- nagsech Oil fish capsules wetseren A+ :]

    MAZE : mo le’ana kobarna we have 2 do this things 2 save ma tabaqa mn al shabab :]

  13. dora says:

    i do 80% mn ele above but still my memory is bad 😀 Gold fish as her said ! .. yet i remember bad things clearly 😛

  14. ba6alah says:

    dora then we have to change your memory with flash memory :p

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