Do u Really know how old are you ?

Posted: January 28, 2010 in Life

One of my friends told me that a new person is coming to his world calling him “Baba-Daddy-Yoba”! he described to me his feelings when he knew that his wife is pregnant saying “I can’t  tell you exactly how I felt! it was amazing feeling! I was so happy and shocked in the same time! I keep thinking about his life and the way i want 2 treat him and how can I make him amazing person with wonderful life”.

well, about the topic I think you don’t know how old are you! I’m thinking that we are older than what we think!”how?” ok let me explain why did I come up with this Idea! we stayed In ba6en omahatna 9 months “pregnant period” o kan fena roo7 so we were alive! Enzain the Question is why we didn’t include this 9 months in our ages ?

P.S : Add 9 months! your age is wrong don’t hate me please :[

  1. Five/Four says:

    omg so true!

    itsadeg i never thought of it.. ur a genius, tadri? ;P
    ana elmoseeba january awal shay 6al3a.. w ham ppl tell me i look 17 w ana nearly 30

    i dont like it.. i know re7t subject thanya shway, bs it reminded me of age.. it’s an issue to me

    ana wedi i have a baby bas i never want him/her to grow up. ever LOL

  2. ba6alah says:

    Five/Four then adopt one and when he grow up adopt another and throw the old one “J/K” :]

  3. السلام..

    مايصير نزيدهم لانه ماوصلنا الدنيا بعد ولي الحين ماعتقد حددوا اول يوم تكون فيه البيبي بطن امه سو بيصير الشي تخميني..

    غير انه بعضنا بيزيد7 وفي اقل وفي اكثر من 9 مثلي خخخ..

    خلك من اشهر الحمل اهو لو بتحسب عمرك بالهجري اتوقع غير عن الميلادي ..

    اكبر بتطلع ..


  4. dora says:

    bel hejri dayman u grow up more ! .. if i add 9 months i will be 29 oo 7 months y3ne bage li bs 5 months 3l 30 !! so no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :(:(:(:( i hate age subjects

  5. ba6alah says:

    Dora lool! its not about age its about how healthy are you so don’t worry 🙂

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