Review “Magbarat Sulaibekhat”

Posted: January 28, 2010 in Random

Many Blogs write reviews about restaurants-movies-Tvshow blah blah blah , today I went 2 magbarat Al-Sulaibekhat 3ashan a3azy my friend “oboh towafa – el boga eb rasa o 3atham allah ajrah”. I noticed some thing jad sedamny , there was area “Called Al-Nahthah” it’s the 1st time I hear about it maybe it’s a new area anyways the houses in this area “Ey6elon mobashara 3al magbarah” y3ny tekhayelaw el view kel ma etba6lon el deresha 😐 , so I wonder how it effects nafseyat’hom “Eymason 3ala egbor o Eysab7oon 3ala salat mayet” ana mestaghreb eshlon ey7e6on hal man6aqa ehny o 3ala ay asas aslan ekhtaraw mokan magbarat al-sulaibekhat o yamha mana6eq sakaneya wayed o eshlon eysamon el man6aqa “Al-Nahthah” o ejbalha magbara!

P.S : I suggest to change the name from “AlNahthah Area” to 3ezra’el district  :I

More Info About Al Nahthah Area

  1. moony says:

    way bsmilah!!! awal mra asm3 about elnahtha :\

  2. nemo says:

    yeah!! I saw that! I’ve always wondered who did live there!

  3. danderma says:

    mesakeen sheft shloon?

    bs u know what?

    I used to work in a place that over looked a cemetery… an old one

    In the very first days you watch it with a horrific silence mixed with khoshoo3 for the end of human beings… i cant describe the feeling but it’s kinds peaceful… kind of like… ok you accept that this is where humanity ends and how ppl just rest in peace and time goes by

    then with time, day in day out, hours pass… and you barely give it a second glance… you get used to the view. I am not saying it is healthy or nice… ppl should have garden or sea views bedal cemetery views… but i know for a fact that after a while it is just like any other scene … that is if ppl still look out their windows in the first place… allah yesa3ed galbhom misakeen

  4. Five / Four says:

    LOL @ ur comment

    I agree it’s FREAKYYYYY 3ad wala ana I’m a chicken telga kil ma asma3 soot 3abali fee dead walkers

    Tawni adri about it sedamtni :/ il isim kilish mo shay!

    3atham Allah ajrik…

  5. dora says:

    commentatek 3jeeeeeeeeebaaaaa hahaha !! alah y3en sekan`ha wala !! lo ana chan mn zmaaaaaaaaaaaaaan yana 😛 ana Avatar oo mt9rwe3a wana ashofa 😛

  6. ba6alah says:

    Nemo : you are the 1st one that know about it :I

    Five/Four : ajerna o ajrech o allah la eysaknech there :]

    dora la lazem ensaknech ehnak :]

  7. ba6alah says:

    danderma yeah thats right ma3a el te3ewed el ensan yetkayaf ma3a el wath3 weyser normal bas ham allah ey3enhom :\

  8. moony says:

    oh wow ;p

  9. Modish says:

    msakeen walah manthar ykhari3 ! mra khthait ghorfa fi jw marriott ilsal7iya.. ildresha 3la ilmagbara .. hotel ilnas yayen yistanson 7a6enhom yam magbara !

  10. ba6alah says:

    Modish lol thriller

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