Soybean Vs Our Oil “el Maskean”

Posted: January 28, 2010 in Politics

نجح العلماء في فك الشفرة الجينية لفول الصويا “زيت فول الصويا يعتبر نوعا نقيا جدا من الوقود «غير أن هذا النبات لا يُنتج ما يكفي منه ليحل محل البنزين. من الممكن أن يقدم فك شيفرة فول الصويا حلا لذلك


Enas ga3da etfaker to use Soybean as alternative of benzene and we still lost in education “Endares’hom deen wela ensheel 7esat el moseqa?” In health “enqez ebrat swine flue wela mo zaina?” In ministry of interior “en7e6 man3 safar ? wela ensheela?” hamna el awal wel akheer saar “En6aye7 fawa’ed el qoroth!” people get used into “gain money without any efforts-Welcome to Kuwait” lets say our Oil will never Ever finish! what are we going to do with our Oil if they found an alternative fuel !? .

P.S : hathela fakaw shafrat Soybean 2 find alternative fuel wa7na  enfek shafrat our satellite receivers 2 watch Orbit & showtime free :]


  1. msha3erha says:

    3laina el-3awa’9 ya 5ooy :S
    The solar energy elli thab7atna 9ar laha sneen ma estefadna menha!!! tgooli soybean!!! eeeeh hayyen

  2. ba6alah says:

    msha3erha ee wallah 😐

  3. greak says:

    we should think of Tidal stream power and of course as msh3erha<<<weird name lol as he said the solar energy
    Imagine filling the desert in Salmy with Solar batteries. walla 3addy tlageena n9ader the energy to Alaska. bss 3ammk a9ma5 😛

  4. Five / Four says:

    I completely agree with msha3erha

    Mako fayda hal 3alam ;P
    ma nestefeed men ilpowers eli 3endina w ham everything will get more and more expensive

  5. ba6alah says:

    greak ham ee wallah :/

    Five/Four 3alam ma ter7am :]

  6. dora says:

    a7na 7ta ma nakl soya bean 3shan nstefeed mena for our health tbeena b3d n39era oo nsaweeh power 😛

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