Two Panadol Night = Sleepless

Posted: January 31, 2010 in Random

I took two panadol night but still can not find the word sleep  in my mind :[ , next time shakly bage6 el go6y ebkobra eb khala6 o a67ena ma3a gafshetain 3asal weya 7aleeb low fat wetha ma nefa3 e7temal ajareb sem el feran bas bedon sem :I elmoshkela i like reading but i hate it belail :/ o akhaf a7e6 movie as’har ezyada 3alaih o akhaf al3ab games awaasel ley 3ogob bacher o akhaf la …

.”la bas khalas 7alaw?! :r”  elmohim lazem a6la3 eb 7al o hatha mashro3y el yedeed “elba7th 3an elnoom” .

P.S : Tara mo ana ely bel sora .. ely besora amla7 :r

  1. nemo says:

    force yourself to wake up early …

    i like the guy ely bl sora lol

  2. don’t think about it (that u can’t sleep) oo get out of bed for like 15 min then head back to bed.

  3. ENGINEER A says:


    tra banadol night mo monawem! ana 9arat fene marah o ma gemt anam ela etha kalait 7abetain tylynol night<< 9arat nafseyah bs ekteshaft enah ma enawem bs ehadee o eraye7 🙂

    o mashallah ellee bel 9orah mamloo7 😛

  4. lemon-aid says:

    jarabt counting cows? 😛

    hmm…laa i suggest etha feek il nom ba6l il qur2an o igra lama itdoo5 wtnam;D

  5. ba6alah says:

    nemo shakly basawy chethy :/

    journal entries mo when i get up from the bed e6er elnoma ezyada :/

    ENGINEER A mo ana gelt eysa3ed 3al noom 3al aqal :/

    lemon-aid mara7 a3ed el cows le’ana kelsa3 batlakhba6 o a3eed el 3ad mn yedeed :[

  6. Five/Four says:

    جنك انا

    مادري شفينا! انا اقول لا بانادول ولا خرابيط
    خل نعد خرفان لين ندوخ, اكتشفت انه هالطريقه احسن شي ;P

  7. 6aLaL says:

    Use Sleepeaze min boots or nytol , wa7da eb wa7daaa..

  8. ba6alah says:

    Five/Four malait mn 3ad el kherfan

    6aLaL: akhaf admen 3alaih :/

  9. I don’t want pills :/ I don’t know their side effects.. O aham shay u put the whole box in 5la6 m3a 3sal o madre shino.. Cheif mashallah

  10. ba6alah says:

    Hi-maintenance eeh el tajroba khairo borhan :p

  11. swera says:

    I remember i was going through rough time a couple of yrs ago!!! i got addicted to them, seriously i used to take 3 panadol night with 2 brufin along with allergy pills to make sleep . . . I literary got addicted to that combination, couldnt get up to work, left me miserably moody and didnt get out of the house for almost 2 months!!! i had hard time getting my system clean but eventually i did it! keep urself away from that stuff! Read Quran (not a religious person myself but it helps)

  12. Insomnia says:

    nafs mishkilti.. bs the things is panadol night works really good for me! o thats a problem , cuz im getting addicted to it 😮
    o i just took two tablets o im getting this amazing feeling 😀
    BS BSSS BSSS im scared of the side effects .. o im googling 3anhum chan yi6la3 ur blog! lol

  13. ba6alah says:

    Insomnia : hehe sar edmaan ! see the side effect o ask a doctor if its ok or not . oh chena my blog wesal el 3alameya 3ayal 😛 hehehe

  14. tuta says:

    waaal, seems like alot of people have the sleeping problem
    I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder almost 10 months ago, oo since then i started having trouble sleeping
    bss recently its been so much better bss for some reason am still taking panadol night, walla 5ayfa ini 9irt modmina oo ma 3indi 5abar :S
    but the funny thing is I juss take half a pill
    do you think that could cause addiction?

  15. Shaikha says:

    ma agdr anam bedon panadol night
    u Started campaign eb7ath 3an el noom
    Am Afraid that over dos. men panadol night maykhlini agom asalee elfyyr or etha saleet anam bl seyada so no need more than 2
    so sheno el7al !!!!! please HELP

  16. moe says:

    try Valium

  17. Nina says:

    Oh my god i can’t sleep at all.. i take 3 pills panadol night daily for 3 years now.. It works just like for 10 mins.

  18. Crx says:

    Wtf is this wierd language ur talking ? Half english half uknown ?

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