It was a Bad Day

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Random

Today I woke up early 2 do many things but unfortunately most of them made me sad , anyways I went 2 Small business company cause I have project with them and I was waiting for approval 2 finance the feasibility study for my project “Derasat el Jadwa” el ghareba ena el approval for only half of the cost “mabe shay def3aw %50 wana adfa3 el bajy!” o sarly almost one month bas 3ashan akheth approval o ohma kel esbo3 eygolonly next week , elmohim today I met their manager and she told me sorry but we couldn’t take approval so you have to pay the full cost of the feasibility study  “which is 10,000 KD” el moshkela mo chethy fog hatha after the feasibility study we will decide Inshallah to take the project or leave it , y3ny Imagine after paying 10,000 KD fe majal eygolonly la we wont finance the project ! 😐 well I left the company & I went 2 KAMCO company I’ve been almost 4 months with Small business company and now I have to start all over again with KAMCO  🙂 anyways re7t 7ag el ta’amenat 3ashan adfa3 Eshteraky wela te6la3ly moshkela thanya , 6ela3t ana kel el ash’her ely 6afat ga3ed adfa3 7ag wrong reference number ! “y3ny e7sab ghala6” and it cost me of course gharama 3ala golat’hom bas el7emdellah eny tedarakt el mowqef el7een o ma thalait adfa3 7ag the wrong account , o 3rd problem I wont mention it cause ekfaya meshakel but it was also bad hehehe :] .

P.S : Inshallah Ma Bankeser Saber :]

  1. dora says:

    enshala it will be the end of bad things !

  2. lemon-aid says:

    olaaa youmain oo kl hal posts 6afoni!!!! :/ inzain awal post il cafeteria qal6aaaaan it3aleq jdaaami!!! :s next post sheno kan il cars? il ferrari laih 7a9alt’ha tnaqa9ha liw5aytek *over here* =P….hm… nxt post il mo5ayam: ee wallah il banat 9araw maysti7on *i admitt* ma 3ad fii 7ayaa o 7alat il bnt “msta7ya” maynlam rfeejkom LOL a7isaa toooooba y6la3 weyakom mara thania=P…ma3a mashro3ik jarabt il mashro3aat??? oo wayid ga3d t7abi6ni…bs plz na9e7a LA TA5ITH QARTH!!!

  3. ba6alah says:

    dora inshallah :]

    lemon-aid Lazem kel degega Post 3ashan enwakeb el ta6awor :I , about el ferrari ra7 atnaqa9lech Tayer el spare Inshallah o about the project I wont take loan bas a7es el beban emsakera naw3an ma laken 3ala golat rashed “Hawenha Bel Saber o Tohon” :]

  4. Five/Four says:


    مالت عليهم همن تبي تدفع كل المبلغ وتقولك يمكن نرفض! ذكرتني بوحده حماره نادتني عشان المقابله بس عشان تضرط علي تقولي انتي اذا كويتيه مو معناته فوق راسج ريشه, اخر شي بعد التهزأ أشكره قالت لي ما أبيج بالشركة عندي, بقيت أقول لها شكو داقه علي بس صرت أحسن منها

    إهيا من أحد الجناسي الأجنبيه.. بطت جبدي!!

    مالك شغل ولا تهتم حدها السالفة خيره وإذا مو أهما ولا كامكو خيييره وفي غيرهم أكيد وإنشالله بحيل الله المشروع راح يمشي ويتحقق حلمك

    بدعيلك اليوم بصلاة الفير, تستاهل!

    موفق انشالله

  5. reemas says:

    i know these days.. i have so many of them 🙂
    but usually in government not in private sector.
    it seems they r all the same :s
    good luck with ur biz

  6. lemon-aid says:

    klshay 5eera! keep working HARD oo u will reach there aham shay ena 3ndik 6moooo7! <- this is rare hal ayam ma7ad 3nda 6moo7 yabon dawam o ma3ash bdon sheqil oo isma "mudeer 3am" :/ inshallah one day it will happen if not mashro3ik something better:) have some hope

  7. msha3erha says:

    A feasibility study for KD 10,000???!!!!
    Eshda3wa golli sheno your project and I will do it for you for free! 3endi 5ebra mn sharekat elwaled la t5af I know how to do it :p

    Inshallah everything will go the way you like don’t worry 😀

  8. Maze says:

    no worries we all have bad days…enshalla all ur upcoming days will be good 🙂

  9. ENGINEER A says:

    bad day?!! just one bad day? U ARE SO LUCKY 🙂

    sometimes u feel all ur days are BAD!!

    good luck next time 🙂

  10. ba6alah says:

    Five/Four Thanks Inshallah kheerah o ma gasartay :]

    reemas Thank you :]

    lemon-aid Thank you o Inshallah I will stay with hope 3ala golat Jay-Z “Every body wana see hope and hope still alive” hehehe :]

    msha3erha : el qatheya ena they have listed companies mayseer a6la3 menhom : Ernst & young, Price Water house, KPMG, Delliote or Moore Stephens ! Wela ana already emsawy feasibility study bas lazem etkon mo3tamada mn a7ad hal makateb 😐 Bas Inshallah Ete3adal el omor :]

    Maze : Inshallah Thank You :]

    ENGINEER A : La Inshallah I know my self mara7 tosal ley hal mar7ala & Thanks :]

  11. Coconut says:

    5eera 🙂
    There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Just never stop trying o alah yefta7ha 3alaik enshalah. Kel bab yetsakar 5eera, it just means there’s something better for you out there enshalah 🙂

  12. ba6alah says:

    Coconut : I hope so , Thanks :]

  13. Dalal A A F says:

    Ba6alah na9ee7a min e5et wa5er 3an hal sharekat which helps finance projects. 5eera enhom erfethaw your project… try to come up with the money yourself, take a loan, let your family helps you or even your friends, but don’t rely on them, ra7 yedshoon fe 5ashmik… oo eltawfeeg min allah inshallah 🙂

  14. ba6alah says:

    Dalal it’s not a 50,000 kd project 😐 it’s medium project fa lazem :]

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