An Idea

Posted: February 7, 2010 in Business

I was thinking of new Idea And I came up with one but I’m not sure about it so u can tell me what do you think, well the Idea is about online business providing delivery service for existing shops, ok let me explain more there is many shops offer services but they don’t have delivery unite so I will be the link between them and the customer, How?! I’m thinking of a website including all that kind of shops from professional services to who offers entertainment Like “Jabriya Video store” I know you will tell me feh or what ever dotcom but I noticed that Jabriya have a good reputation and I see many people eyte3anola to buy movies or mosalsalat. also Kinkos who offers print services And I noticed they have 24H branch but with no delivery ok sure mara7 awasel one photocopy “3ashan ma tagzer 3alaiy” but you can as a customer scan what ever you want to copy and upload it to the website and we will send order of the numbers of copies that you want so when you go you don’t have 2 wait it’s like mini Call center You order by phone and pick it up later and of course if you willing to pay extra money we will deliver it to you any where, and also if you want to fax some thing you don’t have to go 2 anywhere just upload it and we will fax it for you with one click , In the other hand we have sultan center they order for you anything you want through the web I know you might say I order any thing through online by my self no need to any one ! but I discovered that there is many people who doesn’t have Aramex account or don’t want 2 use their Credit Cards through the web & they trust sultan center 2 do the job, but they have to go to souq sharq branch and find parking and then wait until they order then come back again to receive their orders,  so it will be easier to order through our website and we will send it to sultan center and we will deliver  your orders 2 you. Also feh maktabat wayed like Jareer And that el salasel so if you want 2 find a book you have to go to Hawalli weya el za7ma ely feha And search between el arfof la3ala wa 3asa you find the book that you need while through our Website we can search for you any book that you want and deliver it to your home and you can know if your book is available or not. o 6ab3an I gave you examples but the list is long and you might think hey! the shops you are talking about can open and do what you are offering 2 them!, yes they can but it will cost them big money! I will provide it for free or might take reasonable commission for any sells through our web with delivery team And new channel 2 sell more of  their products .


P.S : La7ad Eybog el Fekra Tara no3y shakay! :r  unfortunately most of people here in kuwait likes easy money and small project like that need hard efforts so no need to be scared :]

  1. Five/Four says:

    الفكرة وايد حلوه وعجبتني

    إنشالله بحيل الله تتوفق في هل مشروع أو أي مشروع ثاني وبدعي على أي واحد يبوقه منك ترا أنا دعاويي وحده بوحده ;P

    صح ودي لو جرير يسون لهم عنوان أونلاين نطلب منه الكتب وتوصل لي بيتنا لأنه ملاقه أروح حولي آخر الشي أنصدم الكتاب مخلص

    الله يوفقك انشالله يا رب

  2. ba6alah says:

    Five/Four : LOL Thanks entay et7eben eda3een ana emla7eth, ehya ya hewaya 3endech aw mawheba hehehehe :]

  3. lemon-aid says:

    il fekra 7lwa i can see where ur going bss it needs shwayat “polishing” methl maygoloon:P al7een 7adii imgafla i cant really think tawni wa9la il deera=P bss lazm t7asib’ha;p ill think of it wagolik rayiy

  4. ba6alah says:

    lemon-aid hehehe 7emdellah 3ala salama :] yeah sure ehya mojarad 3ala golat’hom ro’os aqlam

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