Sleeping Disease

Posted: February 8, 2010 in Random

I don’t know whats wrong with me ! yesterday I slept at 2 am! but I didn’t wake up till 12pm “this is 10 hours” after ma ge3adt I was watching “Band of Brothers” chan faj’ah Anam at 3pm o ag3ad 6pm “+3 hours” y3ny nemt 13h ! And 13 is bad unlucky number! so it might be my last day on Earth!!! hehe la I don’t believe in this things anyway o Eshlon ge3adt awal mara? dagly my friend from gulf bank And i told him I’m sleeping esh3endek! chan eygoly la I’ll call you back elmohim 6arat meny elnoma I didn’t call him o radait nemt 3pm o ham the same friend called me at 6pm Wagola haa! eshtaby!? ohwa shafny nayem galy enzain bas bagolik shay I need you to open Dana A/C please ! it’s minimum 200 KD ” Wallah ya zeen el Jawhara At Nbk 50 kd o done” elmohim geltla e3temed ! “o Gomt Atkhayal cheny Fayez bel Ja’eza o Ga3ed Arketh feha eb Fer3 bank el khaleej! eshda3wa kas el 3alam”

P.S : Etha Reba7t el 1,000,000 KD with Gulf Bank ra7 Ashtery Jazera wely Yaby ey3esh ta7at Emarty 7ayah Allah “Sadgony ra7 testanson” tara khosh Ameer Ana!  :I

  1. الله يوفقك يارب..

    شوقتني اصير بطاليه :\

  2. ENGINEER A says:

    هههههه يقولون “نم 12 ساعة تصبح عبقرياً” !! وانت تعديت الليمت لوول

    وان شاءالله تربح المليون وذيج الساعة يعتمد اذا جزيرتك بمكان نايس يمكن نفكر نهاجر وانعيش بامارتك 🙂


  3. shaba9a says:

    its ok i sleep more than 13 hours o.o
    and yes im in! go king ba6alah xD

  4. lemon-aid says:

    etha ib taktib ni9 il jazeera ib ismi ra7 antham lik:P

  5. His says:

    yup…sleeping…the symptom of Ba6alah :P..yallla get a job pill 😛

    ow enshalla you get the 1 MIllion 😀

  6. Five/Four says:


    i agree with His, elsleeping + enik itkharef ma et3aref ilyoom shino haman 3alamat elba6aliya hehe

    etha fizt feha w sekant ib jazeera tara min al7een i`m telling u

    ana el prime minister

    LOOOOL khalayna net7alam :S
    bas impossible is nothing 😉

  7. ba6alah says:

    رورو الشخبوطة : lol thanks you 2 :]

    ENGINEER A : Jazerty ra7 etkon eb zawya 3ala thalath showare3 so don’t worry it will be nice hehehe :]

    shaba9a : Kafo wallah I’ll give you welayat el 3ahad

    lemon-aid: mayseer! el jazera molk lel jamee3 :p

    His : la wallah mo 3adty bas elyoom madre eshfeny 😐

    Five/Four : okaih I’ll give you approval for that position :p

  8. Dalal A A F says:

    elba6alah oo ma tsawii ;p
    try to sleep early and wake up early…do sports in the morning…take a short nap in the afternoon… spend time with friends and family…do something active….then sleep early….
    Look who’s talking ;p 5alni a3alem nafsi awal ;p

  9. ba6alah says:

    Dalal lool! la bas 3ejabny el 7amaas

  10. Shaikha says:

    LOL I’d be honored to ;P

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