Do You know ur Personality ?

Posted: February 10, 2010 in Life

I’ll show you 9 different personalities and all you have 2 do is to discover which one Are You :]

1- PeaceMaker:”I am at peace”

World View: My efforts won’t matter to the world. It’s best to keep the peace.
Basic Desire: to find union and peace
Basic Fear: of separation

2- Thinker: “I Need 2 understand the world”

World View: The world is invasive and confusing. I need privacy to think.
Basic Desire: to understand the world
Basic Fear: of being overwhelmed by the world

3- Helper: “I must Help Others”

World View: People depend on my help. I am needed.
Basic Desire: to be loved
Basic Fear: of being unloved

4- Leader : “I must be strong”

World View: The world is an unjust place. I am strong and I defend the innocent.
Basic Desire: to be self-reliant
Basic Fear: of submitting to others

5- Motivator: “I need to succeed”

World View: The world values a champion. Avoid failure at all costs.
Basic Desire: to be admired
Basic Fear: of being rejected

6- Enthusiast : “I’m happy And Open to new things”

World View: The world is full of opportunity and options. I look forward to the future.
Basic Desire: to be happy
Basic Fear: of being deprived

7- Romantic: “I’m Unique”

World View: Something’s missing. Others have it. I’m different from them because I don’t.
Basic Desire: to understand self
Basic Fear: of being defective

8- Reformer: “I do everything the right way”

World View: The world is an imperfect place. I work toward improvement.
Basic Desire: to be right
Basic Fear: of being condemned

9- Skeptic: “I’m Affectionate and skeptical”

World View: The world is a threatening place. I need to look to authority, but I question it.
Basic Desire: to be secure
Basic Fear: of being abandoned

P.S : I Have split personality! Feny Enfesam Esh3endekom? :E ! “J/K :]”


  1. Five/Four says:

    I`m a mix of 3 & 4.

    I wanna be loved :[ but I`m very afraid of rejection..

  2. Shwaish says:

    hmmm i’d say im mostly a skeptic and a motivator, among other things :s

  3. nemo says:

    i really like this post

    my friends say I’m number 2

  4. ba6alah says:

    Five/Four 3ayal u must change your nickname from Five/Four to Three/Four :]

    Shwaish Good ! Athnain Fe Wa7ed ;]

    nemo : and what do u say ? :]

  5. Coconut says:

    I think I’m a mixture of 3 4 and 6 ..
    so which ones are you?

  6. lemon-aid says:

    helper and motivator =P

  7. ba6alah says:

    Coconut : mixture :I

    lemon-aid : 3adel el motivator :]

  8. Five/Four says:

    LOOOL! 7adik u cracked me up

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