This is What I Call “L.o.v.e”

Posted: February 12, 2010 in Life

Good morning it’s 4:19 am And still awake I watched movie In dowaneya actually two movies anyways what I’m going to say is not a movie it’s a real story , when I was employee “Tadron Ba6aly now” I was holding Vip customer Account , this customer is so unique he used to call me every Wednesday at 9 am & check all his accounts and funds  he was so friendly. He used to travel to Cambridge “U.K” he got a house  and spend 4 months with his wife every year there , y3ny Imagine Only him & his wife ! magal aby asafer ebro7y malait menha ! and the weird thing that he is fluent in english “u will know at the end why it’s weird” one day he came to me and asked me to redeem one of his funds “I asked him why?” he told me because it’s not my money it’s my wife money and I don’t know if i will live longer or die , the interesting part of the story is ! how old that man ? he is 91 years old i still remember his birth date 11/01/1919 .  Well yeah there is something called love And this is what I Call l.o.v.e .

P.S : I hope if i reached 91 years old I be like this person But Unfortunately I wont if I didn’t quit smoking :]

  1. Five/Four says:

    TRUE LOVE!!!

    Abi chethe!! :”(

    Allah yarzig kil el3azabeya eli nafisna ib husband/wife nafsah.. ALLAHOMA AMEEN 😀

    LOL @ the P.S. bas sij.. don`t tell me u smoked 2day!?? :((

  2. ba6alah says:

    Five/Four hehehe ameen :] la it was a deal for only 1 Day! and I didn’t smoke in that day but that doesn’t mean I quit smoking :I

  3. Five/Four says:


    man u should quit smoking

    feeh shay madri shesmah chewing china gum 7ag ppl who wanna smoke, u didnt take it?

  4. Five/Four says:

    wanna *quit smoking

  5. السلام..

    الحب الصجي اهو اللي يظل مو حب الحين ..

    وبعدين ان استغرب منكم تدخنون انا ابوي يدخن للاسف وكله اعطي محاضرات عن التدخين من لما كنت بالابتدائي خخ..

    واهو طبعا اكبر طاف بس مع هذا مره شاف بايد اخوي زقاره لت كف اف ويه لف :\

    والحين اخوي 25 مايدخن الحمدالله..

    لما دشيت الجامعه انصدمت من الوضع اهلكم خلوكم عادي :\

    واسفه ع الاطاله..

  6. Aww ❤ .. I just woke up, read this and imagined myself her.. Great way to start the day 😀 thnx

  7. moony says:

    eewallah 9aaaaj bs makoo chthee halayaaam

  8. lemon-aid says:

    eee to me this is LOVE ma3a il 3ishra mu 7ob hal ayam bf/gf hook ups and break ups:/

  9. ba6alah says:

    Five/Four hakly bajareb el gum 😐

    رورو الشخبوطة: la el neya mawjoda inshallah!

    Hi-maintenance : u w

    moony : la inshallah feh :]

    lemon-aid : ehehehe ee wallah :]

  10. ENGINEER A says:

    inshallah u will live that long o inshallah ur future wife will let u quite smoking because u love her true Love 🙂

  11. bo6abesh says:

    interesting post walla… 9ij reyayeel gabel ghair ya jema3aa he took the right action min nafsah coz he is aware about his responsibilities in front of god and his wife. i miss those kind of men

    akh ya bro i wish that quitting smoking is that easy…by the way , my wife bought me some of those gums but they r really sucks (( ma iyeboon el rass)) :P~

    allah ytamem 3aleek 9e7etek oo yab3edna 3an hal zegayer

  12. lemon-aid says:

    yalaaa yallaaa ana ashaj3ek to quit smoking insawii ta7adii how long can u go without smoking:P ana sawait 7amla 7ag 3yal 5altii bs ba2aat bl fashal mako fayda ewagfoon youmain o eridoon eda56noon:( mako shay kafii e5aleehom yg6i3oon…

  13. ba6alah says:

    ENGINEER A Thanks Inshallah 🙂

    bo6abesh : Ameen 🙂

    lemon-aid : Awal jarbay be3yal khaltech etha fad weyahom feh amal eyfeed weyay hehehe 🙂

  14. Dalal A A F says:

    ba6alah inshallah you’ll find love….
    and inshallah you’ll quit smoking because most women don’t like cigarette breath it just stinks 🙂

  15. one-oh-seven says:

    Wow thats what we call true love Allah ekhalehom 7ag ba3ath! o yarzegna mithil hal rayal wa7san

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