KAMCO, Public Authority for Industry And Zain

Posted: February 16, 2010 in Business

I got a Call few days ago from KAMCO it seems they are interesting in the project that I applied for , they said we need some information from you so i visited them and I complete all information that they want but the problem is I don’t know if it will take long time or not!they didn’t call me back , I noticed lately that Public Authority for Industry need employees and I’m qualified for one of their jobs so now I’m eshwaya confuse should I apply for it  or it will kill ro7 el mobadara feny ! About Zain “3alamon Jamel” sure u know about their deal of selling their shares in africa to Indian company and that made Zain today go limit up in kuwait stock market and it might reach more than 1.5 KD the good news that I’ve got stocks with them! I’m a share holder derbalkom! :p

P.S : waiting for KAMCO , I don’t know about Public Authority for Industry should I apply or not , and yeah Good news about zain , Maboga ela Ashteghel 7afaar Egboor :[ bas shensawy I’m trying my best o inshallah I reach what I want one day at a time :]

  1. bo6abesh says:

    KAMCO really is a very good place waid professional oo el research and investment dept 3indehom waid qawey inshala yaqbelonik….oo i dont recommend hay’at el 9ena3a bas dammik taby job why not….qaddem 3al banks coz aqwa experience in my opinion

    imwafag bro

  2. Ali says:

    never limit yourself to apply for a job in one place, go for all 🙂

  3. ba6alah says:

    bo6abesh : la I’m not thinking of job bas gelt maybe KAMCO ey6awlon fa it was a thought that’s it and about banks I already have 3 years and half experience in one of the best bank in kuwait :]

    Ali : Sure :]

  4. Five/Four says:

    dear, apply 7ag the authority!

    7adha GOOD.. w la te3temed 3ala el project bs. i`m not trying to bring u down bs u never know itseeb weyak wela itkheeb

    7eta lw it does itseeb, lazem u have an income w sadeegni ma ra7 taqtil roo7 elmobadara feek. trust me.. once itna`6im waqtik w u know what ur doing, it wouldn`t be a hassle enik employee plus 3endik a project

    will always pray for u
    wish u all the best

  5. Five/Four says:

    p.s: im not back yet
    bs i got el email ib hal post while i was at work and read it.. then i was like, “I GOTTA TELL THIS YOUNG MAN TO APPLYYYY!!”

    tell us how it goes! GOD BLESS!

  6. ba6alah says:

    Five/Four : long time nice to see you again :] about the Job it will be a short term if i did apply cause shar6 KAMCO to finance my project ena makon ashteghel in anywhere else , I have to be free for managing the project and I don’t have any problem with that term cause they will already give me salary as project manager

  7. shaba9a says:

    good luck!

  8. lemon-aid says:

    qadem mu 5asraan shay:P

  9. ba6alah says:

    lemon-aid : b3dain i have to change esem el blog :r

  10. msha3erha says:

    Apply to them what’s the problem?? roo7 elmobadara shako? :p:p you can still run your own business with a job


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