You have to know تحريم الاختلاط ليس له أصل

Posted: February 16, 2010 in Politics

what makes me talk about this issue :

I got a phone call few hours ago from Boubyan Bank, a women offering me  fixed deposit “wade3a” the interesting part is , how come Islamic bank who made a branch for women and branch for men keep their females staff calling men customers offering them what ever they offer “mo soot el mar’ah 3awra? Bas el 3ayara eshlon sayra! :r ”

I noticed last Sunday On Alwatan news paper “last page” there was Fatwa for Ahmad Bn Baz saying that “el ekhtela6 ja’ez o ta7reemah laysa laho a9el, more details you will find at the end of the post” Anyways when I used to deal with clients many females were happy to deal with me and refused to deal with girls “don’t misunderstand me I’m talking about 55 years old females” maybe because they think girls are not hard workers like men “ma3any I see el 3aks” but hold on! they are customers and they have the rights to choose what ever they want to deal with! In the end its a profit company . Anyway, what I could not understand! In Islamic banks they separate the women from men in other hand in our ministries there is no separation ! is it mean that they are Jewish “Way7an Lakom o sakalt’ho omoh mn Yaqool Thalek :r”

Please Read el Fatwa Cause it shows more details about el ekhtela6 and before this fatwa also Ahmad Al-Ghamdy “the head of hay’at al Amr bel ma3rouf Wal Nahy 3an el monkar in Saudia Arabia ” said the same thing o 6ab3an here in kuwait estekhafaw 3ala kalamah :] .

Ahmad Bn Baz

P.S : I used to work with girls and as long as there is respect between you and them every thing gonna be fine they are helpful hard workers and deserves the best!. we used to be like one family bel3aks hal shay ey3adel nathrat el wa7ed 7aghom bedal ma bas eyfaker fehom in a wrong way . “7esat el deen khalesat , Taban Lakom” :r

  1. Sarah says:

    i agree with each word u said !! ana awal ma dashait el jam3a kanaw tawhom fa9leen ! o ele worse than this ene i choose kolyat el banaat cuz feha el major that i wanted :/ o al7en 7ade am suffering cuz i really dont know how to comunicate with mens ! though am in a postion ekhalenee lazm i comunicate with them to get my work done ! i really hate qanon man3 el ekhtlaaa6 cuz ele beswee shay ghalaa6 besweeeh ethier eb ekhtlaaaa6 or without it !!!

    thanks for the post 🙂

  2. ba6alah says:

    Sarah : That’s right o bel3aks ana ashof eb fasel lekhtela6 ey3azezon el nathra el ghala6 mn na7yat el shabab 7ag el banat bedal la ey3almonhom wey3awdonhom 3ala le7teram bain el 6arafeen .
    You welcome :]

  3. ChuBBy-Doll says:

    Do u think islamic ppl r really doin islam ?????
    i guess not .. aslan kilshay esawonah ebmasla7at-hom … ya3ni islamic banks mafehaa rebaaa ok … bas elmoraba7aaaaa ham feha estighlaal 7ag enaaaas o they even got more money from us 3alabo inah 7alal … .
    i guess e5tila6 or not this is not the issue as long as the person know his own limits we dont need ppl to tell us whats right and whats wrong .. “and most of them lost in between”.

  4. ba6alah says:

    ChuBBy-Doll : That’s right :]

  5. Shwaish says:

    7abait “taban lakum”

  6. msha3erha says:

    I have been studying with guys for many years and the percentage of bad behaviors coming out of any side (girls/guys) didn’t reach 10% in my opinion. Ya3ni elli yet3amal be7teram weya el 6araf el-thani will certainly gets the same respect!

    wo ba3deen ya ostath eldeen malna la tesbna taban lakom :(yemken ako fatwa tgool 7aram :p lol

  7. ba6alah says:

    Shwaish :]

    msha3erha estath deen lazem ekon em3aseb :I

  8. I don’t know y ppl complain about segregated classes.. I think it was the best decision made

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