Being Unfaithful

Posted: February 17, 2010 in Life

I noticed lately the number of people who’s cheating their soul mate is Increasing , well i know I don’t have study about this issue but it’s just a point of view, friend of mine was telling me story, his friend got engaged with one of the girls but unfortunately that girl was unfaithful and after a while he did know about her and of course he was mad,angry,sad with broken heart, I thought it was the end of story! no it wasn’t she told him few words “I wont do it again with some tears” and he’s back again with her :] another story about a married couple the husband discovered that his wife cheating him but unfortunately it ended with the same end of the first story . I’m saying this not because I’m a male and I have to defend my gender and girls are bad! I’m just showing that every cheating story it will hurt both side “Man & women” . I watched Unfaithful “The movie” for Richard gere it was really sad story and i wont watch it again  because it makes me feel bad but I noticed there are similar stories happening in real life and of course we wouldn’t know about it .

Talking About males :

There is  a lot of men think that they have the rights to cheat their wives saying there is a different between “women cheating her husband” and “man cheating his wife”  they see the second one maqbola naw3an ma but the 1st one is not accepted ! I tried to find out in English and Arabic dictionary if there is really different meaning of cheating , if there is two kind of cheat or two kind of explanation for being Unfaithful one for males and other for females but I couldn’t find :] , they say el mara aham ma 3alaiha sharafha , wel rayal mala sharaf ? or it’s all about pleasures ? if it is ! then Darwin theory might be right “We Are animals , o 3amamna mn faselat el shambanzy :]” , in my point of view we all humans and have same feelings “men/women” . if they could bring me only one case about a wife didn’t  hurt when she know that her  husband cheated her I might re-think again :]

Anyways I will keep you with The Unfaithful women who cheated her soul mate and couldn’t stop hurting him .

P.S : I was searching in the internet for pictures about my subject , most of pictures were about Unfaithful men! shal 3onsoreya! :r “Na3am le ta3adod Al zawjat la lel Kheyana!” “J/K” :]

  1. msha3erha says:

    Cheating is cheating!!
    Hurting others by being unfaithful is a disgusting thing especially if the partner is so in to his/her soul mate.
    wo salfat mani msaweeha mara thanyah wo toba ya 3omri wo kanat bs zallah ya 7ayati is fake and won’t last forever!!

    So, be true to life or eat teben wo la tel3eboon 3ala 5alg allah sawa2an men or women!

  2. ba6alah says:

    msha3erha : hehehe that’s right bas la3sab mo zaina :I

  3. faith says:

    some people cheat cuz they simply CAN. Not that I defend anybody who cheats cuz they suffer a bad marriage.. but that kind of cheating stories like in the movie “Unfaithful “what really irritates me the most. And you’re right for some reason it’s getting worse every where. I tried not to cut a friend from my life but I just couldn’t stand her bragging about her affairs every few days. And she tells every body like it’s just a nice love story going on the side!!!
    and sorry to break the news for you… YES MEN CHEAT MORE ;D

  4. ba6alah says:

    faith : 1st tell your friend matshof shar :] cause a3teberha maretha nafsya et3any mn el naqs and I’m sorry to say that .
    2nd you can’t say men cheat more because a man cheat with another “women” so how come u know the other women “he’s cheating with” is not also cheating her man . u never know :]

  5. His says:

    I agree there is no difference between men cheating or women cheating. Cheating is just wrong.

    Why get married if you will cheat?

  6. ba6alah says:

    His : they can easily answer your question with “married = serious relation , cheating = nazwa” And I know that is wrong :] cause who know what he’s doing is wrong should stop doing it but they just keep go on and on and on “Like Da3ayat Energizer Battery” :]

  7. lemon-aid says:

    hahahaha:P yaa i agree…

  8. F. J. Bliss says:

    cheating is cheating. i second Masha3erha.

    If you’re not satisfied with your partner, talk to them, let them know what you like and dislike, give it a chance. If you still aren’t satisfied or happy. Just leave and call it off!! why do you have to hurt the person who loved you so much? Try to make it work.

    In my opinion, giving a chance is a must. 6ab3an it depends what kind of “Cheating” we’re talking about here.. but generally speaking giving chances is alright.. I’d give my partner/husband a chance if he REALLY REALLY is SORRY for his mistake.


  9. Sarah says:

    mn el story`s ele qetlhom a7s no waaaay enaa they will forget o they will keep it in mind o atwaq3 enaaa they will keep checking on them !!! o ra7 etkon bainhom meshkl !!! cuz no way with few tears he forgives and FORGETS ? kelsh matwaq3 … o its very sad el banaat are cheating more al7en than mens atwaq3 !! mn ele qa3da ashofaaaa married girls !!! alla yaster 3alayna o 3alayhom ! Oo yahdehom 🙂

  10. ba6alah says:

    F.J.Bliss : if u can accept his apologize why not :]

    Sarah : yeah i agree with you ena el shak ra7 eykon big problem after forgiveness .

  11. Five/Four says:

    الزواج صار يخرع

    نسبة الطلاق وااااايد

    ياني الغامت.. حسيت ما راح ألقى توأم روحي!

  12. ba6alah says:

    Five/Four lol mako ela el 3afya inshallah

  13. Dalal A A F says:

    We can go on and on about cheating and the many reasons for people cheating on their other halves… but it take two to Tango…and it takes two to make a marriage work or not… that is what I believe.

  14. ba6alah says:

    Dalal A A F : yeah that’s right :]

  15. Hopless says:

    It really hurt, i marry a she was really in bad condition of life even though she didnt had any shelter to spend a night, and there were lots of guys in around to take disadvantage of her, So i decided to marry her and make her my life partner and give her all the happiness of the life she dreamed, though non of my family members were agreed with me to marry her. but i brokup with all my family and i give my hand to her and i took her out of the dirty drain but you know what she did with me sh took my hand and came of the the drain and pull me to that drain. As soon as we got married after one year she start cheating on me, in first 4 years of our marriage life she had affairs with almost 5 guys, one i catch her she trying to reject and tell me that iam wrong the she promised me that she will never cheat me again, but i forgive her, i forgive her because i loved her and she had no body to take care of her. Then after some times i had an car accident and i hat some one badly be he didnt died but unfortunately i went to jail. When i went to prison after 3 months she start cheating me again and find another guy for her selfe and spending nights in my home in my bad because i was in prison the day i knew it i tired to sucide becuase she really hart me. But inspite of all these thing again i was trying to forgive her and i though she will stop cheating me any more, so its almost 1 year i am in prison and still she didnt told me sorry and doing what ever she wants. She not only cheat me but she cheat our kids too, because she is not only a wife she is a mother too

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