Guess What ! بنادول لعلاج الـــــذنوب

Posted: February 17, 2010 in Politics

I got BB picture Message from group Al-Dowaneya with some thing called “Panadol Al Thonob” I searched more about it in the internet , it’s a brochure designed in new look o 7a6ena in some thing similar to the  Panadol pocket  , well it’s nice way for marketing that if they intend to sell it “kho hal Ayam el Deen Gamaw Eybe3ona Bai3” and if it wasn’t I wonder why did they called it “Panadol Al-Thonob” !! tara mayser chethy malaina one day I sent e-mail to Al-Shaikh Nabeel Al-3awathy And I said to him Jazak Allaho Khayran Mawlana bs laish ma 3endek salfa ghair el moot wel 3athab wel nehaya wel ta3asa , laish testakhdem el tarheeb bel deen bedal el targheeb ! we want to live happy mayseer all the time we have to keep thinking “we will die we gona die we must die!” always negative effects ! yakhy talk about happiness and the positive effects ! Anyways why they didn’t Call it “Panadol Al-Sa3ada”  bedal el thonob ? and when I hear Nabeel el 3awathy all of his stories talking about sad ending wey7asesek enek Labod ena etkon nehaytek chethy if u didn’t buy what I had!

Ahdelokom Hal Nasheda Eb Monasabat 7esat el Deen .

Eb Thematkom ely yesma3 hal nasheda Ma weda Eyfajer? Ana Zain Ma Afajer fekom o fe Blogy NOW! :r

I got this picture mn el Internet :

P.S : One of my friends In dowaneya mn el dowawen ohwa metshaded eshwaya bel deen  Wana kela ada7ra o agola Masabee7 el huda o aghanela anasheed’hom :r “Allah Eygawma Bel salama Inshallah I missed him ”

  1. Frankom says:

    يبيله بندول حق الناس العجولة

  2. bo6abesh says:

    wayed 7elw ur post oo 3ejabni

    true el mashaikh hnee ma3a el asaaf always they use isloop el tarheeb wel insan 6abe3y ra7 ykesh min el shay elly ykhawfa…walla kalamik 9a7

    once kalamt shaikh about things and galli shaghla rannat in my ears oo a3teqed inha tkafey wetwafey

    galli ya flan….tara allah sob7anah wata3ala y7eb bani adaam akthar min 7op ommah lah oo inna ra7mat allah agrab min lelshakh9 min sharyeen his hand

    so now if we do a mistake …how does our mothers will react? god will be ar7am 😉

  3. ba6alah says:

    Frankom : hehehe Yabellah :]

    bo6abesh : wallah sedagt I’m absolutely with el shaikh ely se’alta 🙂

  4. اول ماقريت العنوان توقعت قصدك هالصورة..

    ولغويا احس اسم البندول غلط مفروض اسمه مخفف الذنوب .

    هم انا سويت سيرج عنه :)..

    جان القى ديتول للسيئات ..

    وبكمل البحث عنه ..


  5. ba6alah says:

    رورو الشخبوطة : lol ma enkhales

  6. faith says:


    I’m one of those who believe that we need to be reminded of death and sins and repent ALL the time. Cuz we tend to forget and ignore those stuff.. but you’re right .. this is Not the way to be reminded!! Y3ni we weren’t created to suffer on earth! Don’t know why religious figures think they need to scare the hell out of us to return to God!!

  7. ba6alah says:

    faith : B3dain panadol Al-Thonob mino yeshtereh etha ma7ad ekhtera3? :p

  8. msha3erha says:

    Ra2yee bel maw’9oo3 kal tali :p a7es enni fe 7e9at deen 9ij :p

    We don’t need panadol wala ditol, what we really need is faith (mo faith 9a7batna the blogger :p no)

    If you trust your God and know how to return to God every single second, you will be happy by your own.

    estath (raf3ah her finger to talk): taban le meno today? looool :p:p

  9. Five/Four says:

    هذول مع تقفلهم إهما اللي مرجعينا ورا
    وخلين الإسلام دين عسر مو يسر

    والله يقوم رفيجك بالسلامة إنشالله

  10. ba6alah says:

    msha3erha : lol! taban ley elyoom :I

    Five/Four Thanks Allah eysalmech 🙂

  11. 6umasha says:

    tarra wayed wayed 7lwa il fkra awal ma gret mafahamt!! tana7t shwayyaa ! 3GB LEMA SHFT ILMSBAA7 LA’AA WAYED 7LUUU ILSHAY 😀 walla yabeelaa 😀

  12. ba6alah says:

    6umasha : hehehe wallah ana ashof el fekra 6umasha :p

  13. […] : If the next Friday 3ada 3ala khair ra7 awaze3 3alaikom “Panadol Al-Thonob” free of charge ma3a may magree :r […]

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