Black Friday

Posted: February 20, 2010 in Random

When I was young I used to hate Friday maybe because it was the last day of the weekend, I just hated that feeling “the end of the weekend” But now it seems different you might ask why did you call it now Black Friday?! well simply because last Friday My friend had an accident and seriously injured and Friday ely gabla my friend father Died And this Friday friend of mine sarly fatra mo shayfa his brother got heart attack and died And the next Friday I might Die!! hehehe I don’t know whats the problem with Friday :[ mn kether el 7awadeth sar 3endy mana3a el galb mat :r, e7temal agleb “Saddam!” Anyways I’m thinking now how can I solve this problem ?!”3oqdat yoom el yem3a” and I’m thinking of mini game, I got many solutions and all you have to do is choosing one of the below numbers to solve the Black Friday problem  :

1-  Sleep All The day “aser mn as7ab el kahaf yom el yem3a” .

2- Trying to change the fate By playing death games “Eshda3wa finale destination”

3- I switch my mobile OFF .”Bas akhaf 3aysha el mar6a et7ateny :r ”

4- Starting to decrease my relations o ag6a3 el 3elaqat ma3a elnas 3ashan atfada el bad news “Akhaf Obama wana madre :I ”

P.S : If the next Friday 3ada 3ala khair ra7 awaze3 3alaikom “Panadol Al-Thonob” free of charge ma3a may magree :r .

  1. ENGINEER A says:

    don’t think of it that way, my brother died in a car accident last April, and i still call it Blach April 😦 but April may has good days also 3lshan chethe don’t think of it in a negative way ,, o allah 5air el7afe’6

    mabee panadol hate drugs 😛

  2. ba6alah says:

    ENGINEER A : Allah yer7oma Inshallah 😦 I’m really sorry to hear that , and you are right we shouldn’t think in negative way :] if you hate drugs then you might like el may el magree :]

  3. faith says:

    Mine is Monday.. my friends know if they call me any given Monday to go out I’d say NO.
    It’s creepy isn’t? you know what they say
    الي يخاف من الجني يطلع له
    Practically we’re doing this to ourselves :I

  4. shaba9a says:

    alla yer7amhom =( bs come on shda3wa cheer up :p
    thumbs up for sleeping the whole day lol xD

  5. QuestionQ8 says:

    Hatha ilqadar it has nothing to do with it being Friday. I also used to hate Fridays gabl cz its the end of the weekend, kha9atan 7azat il3a9r!:/ bs yom ilym3a is yom ma7boob bilislam its yom khair you should read a lot of quran and pray on time bil3ax don’t sleep it off! t3awath mn iblees wnshalla mako ila kil khair,,
    o Alla yr7am mawta ilmslmen wilmslmat

  6. msha3erha says:

    Ana agool next Friday egra 3ala roo7ek wo bet9eer zain wo all Fridays will be white zaii el ful :p

  7. ba6alah says:

    faith : ee wallah , do u want to change my black friday with your black monday , maybe things will get better :I

    shaba9a : shakla chethy :E .

    QuestionQ8 : Ameen :]

    msha3erha : zaii el ful ha? mashy :r ana agol panadol al-thonob ma3a eshwayat barbikan wel wath3 eyser fulaly :I

  8. confushucks says:

    قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: ما من مسلم أو مسلمة يموت ليلة الجمعة أو يوم الجمعة إلاّ وُقي عذاب القبر وفتنة القبر، ولقي الله ولا حساب عليه، وجاء يوم القيامة ومعه شهود يشهدون له بالجنة أو طابع.

  9. lemon-aid says:

    gool il 7mdillah…a3arf shtaq9id lama tgol “9ar 3ndi mana3a” ana in 1 week 2 uncles bl mustashfa o i was sick magdart aroo7 a friend sawat 3amaliya o bara il deera fa i couldnt go a cousin diagnosed with cancer wal7een my other friend bl mustashfa bs ham mu bl q8:( wana hni ma fil yad 7eela!!! fa trust me lama i get shtaq9d “il galb mat”

  10. ba6alah says:

    confushucks : Ameen :]

    lemon-aid : Inshallah mako ela el 3afya 🙂

  11. moony says:

    cheer up my friend 😉
    o aby a3arf mino 3aysha elmar6a 3ashan nfta7 el7iwar ;p

  12. dora says:

    i use 2 hate fridays but now its a relaxing day 4 me 🙂 join us bl shaleeh i guess thats the answer 4 ur problem 😉 ..

  13. Shwaish says:

    :s that sucks. i say sleep all friday long even tho it wnt really help :s

  14. ba6alah says:

    moony :r

    dora : hehhehe I guess so :p

    Shwaish :[

  15. bo6abesh says:

    khyeeraa dude….elkheraa feema ikhtaraho allah

    fakker feha that way….innaa allah ydezlik tajarob on friday coz ohwa youm fatheel oo yaby yekhteber ur faith and patience ib hal day

    isn’t great that ur having tests from god on fridays!? man ur lucky 😉

  16. ba6alah says:

    bo6abesh : Inshallah :]

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