They Can see But They Are Blind

Posted: February 20, 2010 in Business

Today I would like to talk about people who can see through their eyes but some times they act as they were blind , I will tell you story happened to me , one of the days a friend of mine came to me and asked me to invest some money with his friend and I asked him what kind of investment it is ?! he told me it’s about food supplement contracts for the U.S Army in Iraq,”Wow it seems some thing really profitable!” I told him I need more details , he told me all you have to do is to transfer your money and he will find for you a food suplement contract and after 30 days you will receive your money with 25% Pure Profit ! “what!” hehehe it looks amazing but it seems there is some thing wrong in it , so i told my friend and why would he want me to invest with him ?! he told me he’s holding big contracts and can not provide the money for all of them so he need investors , i told my friend is it risky ? he answered no! he can write a chique for you if you want ! it is capital+profit guarantee “7elow 7elow mashallah” I told my friend are you serious ! you got bachelor degree in business  and you believe what he said!! we all know “High risk = high profit & Low risk = Low Profit” who the hell said and in which business book that No Risk = High profit , he told me “kaifek mo emsadeg mo ela! I already invested with him and i got monthly 25% profit o b3dain aslan ohwa weld 3ayla o mogasra shay o eysoog a very expensive car” moshkelat elnas ehny et.hemha 7ail el mathaher o ya7komon 3alnas mn el mathaher :] , I told him wallah 3ad weld 3ayla wela eysoog sarookh ana maly sheghel but All what i want you to know ena nasaab and he will keep giving you money but as long as  he collect the target amount “ely fe bala” he will tell you byebye o nage3 your chiques eb may magry thek el sa3a :r 6ab3an ze3al meny o ma3jeba kalamy , and after almost two years I heard about his friend that he left the country with big amount and his clients “qathaya o ma7akem” didn’t get their money yet.

So this people or should i say his clients got blind when they knew about the profits , they didn’t see how fake it is :]

P.S : ana Geltla 25% monthly ma3nata kel shabab leq8 bemalyenon Bas Galha Eg7a6a  “Law Kelmen Yeh o Nejar MaThal Fel Wadi shejar” :]

  1. Sarah says:

    LOL ! amazing story loved the saroookh part 😀 madre shlon enas et9adqq !!! alla ehadehom bs 🙂

  2. lemon-aid says:

    eee wayid chithi!! 7ata lo darseen bizbiz mo5hom egafil!!! =P ma agool ela “5obzn 5baztii yal rafla ekli”

  3. ba6alah says:

    Sarah : tara feh wayed nas chethy lel’asaf 😐

    lemon-aid : hehehe mn na7yat rafla rafla :I

  4. msha3erha says:

    Elli yenga9 3alaihom fee salfat lefloos wo el estethmarat a7es el 6ma3 makelhom. Ya3ni bel amana shloon you get your money back monthly with 25% profit??? Monthly ba3ad mo yearly :S ya mal el na9eb wel ‘3aba2

  5. ba6alah says:

    msha3erha : leflos ta3my el bashar o as’hal wasela lel eqnaa3 :]

  6. Abdullah Al H. says:

    Ya 5ooy chinna sami3 hal story from someone that we know and actually approached me and a couple of other guys too. The story was a bit different but the concept is the same.

    True many people are truly blinded by profits and the money itself, and never know when to stop. The numbers that he showed me were rediculous, and the only true explanation for them is money laundring.

    Allah 3arafnah bil 3agil, and there are so many investments around us that seem very tempting but yet are falsified in reality.

    Ana magool illa il7imdilla inna we’re not one of these blinded people, willy may3aref shay ib hal sowalif, I hope they won’t be fooled into this foolishness 😉

  7. ba6alah says:

    Abdullah : yeah there is similar stories happened also but it’s not money laundry it’s like what Bernard Madov did in the U.S . o ashwa enek ma dashait :]

  8. bo6abesh says:

    hehehe walla 7alah…hal nemayen walla yabeelhom cut..paste in pacific ocean !!

    ya3ni law 9ij he can gain 25% monthly chan 3omra ma yroo7 7ag el ppl to have funding..a9lan telgah ma yaby a7ad yadrey 3anha:P

    there is alot of stories about iraq investments,,also el nas elly ygolonlik 3a6na flosik oo na36eek 80% after 3 months!!
    oo true allah 3erafnah bel 3agel oo ma3a el asaf wayed nas yenga9 3alehom ib hal kalam …tara sometimes money laundring deraw balkom..
    ana in investment field for more than 3 years now …and in my opinion oo from khebrety el motawath3a the best investment is to have business 9ghayer or dekkaan oo iterazag allaah 7alik 7al el nas bala bur9a bala ba6eekh…this the best way oo we can argue lee bacher 3ala hal shay 😛

    great post dude khaletni agreg 😛

  9. ba6alah says:

    bo6abesh : hehehe eyjoz 😉

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