Posted: February 23, 2010 in Life

Sometimes you just listen to a song or see anything special and  you start remembering old days, your memories start showing up again with a smile in your face enjoying that journey of your life , I wonder why don’t we make our good memories and forget the bad ones , I mean when we be happy why don’t we link it with a song or a view or anything appear in that moment so we can keep remembering it whenever we want playing the song that related to our happy moments and start smiling again .

Nostalgia “The Story” :

One day I was buying music cassettes “3ala Ayam el Ashre6a :r ” I was about 14 years old, a women was telling her husband to buy YANNI Album and he said yeah so I can play it in my office while I’m doing my work “I start imagining the office with the music running in a low level” Bas akher shay 6ela3 zojha raqeeb awal bel Jaish! la just kidding :] Anyways so I bought YANNI Album and I liked it so much I think it’s good to listen to that kind of music from time to time o b3dain faj’ah Agleb rap o 2PAC :r

One of my favorite songs Called Nostalgia for YANNI sem3oha lama etkhales because bel degega 6:00 The story will start :]

P.S : ely ya3zef 3al naay shakla Qawy wohwa mendemej :r

More Info About YANNI

  1. reemas says:

    great music i love yanni music.
    as for memories.. yes there so many happy moments in our life and it is a joy to remember them and have a smile .. but the probleem if those memories were with ppl who r now gone :/
    there is always mixed feeling with old memories 🙂
    thx for the lovely post

  2. shaba9a says:

    3aaa i love yanniii, my dream is to go to his concert >.<
    a7la song november sky<3 everytime i listen to it i remember old memories 😀
    thank you

  3. msha3erha says:

    I love this nostalgia 😀 YANNI music is amazing I have more than 1 CD full of theses pieces of art by YANNI which I love to play while driving

    Good choice (y)

  4. I just have 2 say


    THANKS ;*

  5. ENGINEER A says:

    nice music,, 3ajeebah!!

    thanks 🙂

  6. Bibi says:

    Ohhh yanni my music ..listen to “for all season”after 3 min somethin see the man playing and jumping with the sticks and ohh yervenian the one playin the violin yaay I do play violin bs abiii aseer same this man one day :/

  7. ba6alah says:

    reemas : yeah that’s right :/ hakatha el Denya Tudor :] .

    shaba9a : Inshallah laish la’a , you more than welcome :] .

    msha3erha : Amazing isn’t it ? let you feel more comfortable :]

    Ƒiona H. Al- Ƨharekh : you more than welcome inshallah one day you will have the chance to be in one of his concerts :]

    ENGINEER A : 7adhaa 🙂 thanks

    Bibi : For All Seasons one of his amazing songs i like it , about violin I love any song feha kaman! and a7sedech cause you can play violin ! :]

  8. Sumaiah says:

    i used to like someone who was in love with yanni, but i pushed that person away and i’m happily not listening to yanni:)

    i always say that scars are the best reminders! whether it’s a cut a burn or a stitch!

  9. FAHED says:

    nice song xD
    this is my first time to hear about Yanni !!
    for me i usually forget happy moments and unhappy moments i plugged it with songs “the sad songs” love = sad :,(

  10. ba6alah says:

    Sumaiah : hehehe and that’s why u didn’t like YANNI cause reba6teh eb some one u hate :]

    FAHED : heheh love = happiness , but if you find the right key for it :]

  11. Sumaiah says:

    it’s not that i hate that person, it’s mor of that i dont want them in my life! dont try to understand me, i’m complecated!:p

  12. ba6alah says:

    Sumaiah : ok I’m sorry for trying :r

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