Reading & Eating In Dusty Weather

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Life

Today we had a dusty weather , I had breakfast in Coffee Republic gelna Enjareb their food , but they have bad sandwiches :[ I ordered Two different kind of sandwich and both of them are BAD,not tasty,Eythaygon el khelg :\ , Anyways I don’t want to remember the taste of the sandwiches cause it makes me feel disgusting . I was reading a book it’s called “The Human Fabric” it’s really interesting book talking about business in different way , explaining the three types of people and the golden rule that helps you to discover which person you should take as a partner and how this person should be a different type from yours in order to help your company growing up , and how can you understand your company Type and your customers Type but really in very different simple way , it’s just like a story make you feel  interesting in reading it , and this book comes with DVD explaining more, i didn’t see it yet but I’m finishing the book right now and sure I’m gonna watch the DVD .

P.S : Talking About Dusty Weather I think sar 3endena mana3a against dust , and if our weather changed to a healthy weather we might get hurt because ma te3awadna en3esh eb jaw entheef :r

  1. lemon-aid says:

    eee etha tsana3 il jaw bn9eer mritha,, sha3ri dahan min li’3baar ma chna tawni qaslita:P LOL CR bss go there for dessert o gahwa bas la takel:P

  2. السلام..

    الكافيه موجود ب360؟؟

    وشكله الكتاب حلو بس حسافه مو ميولي اقرا عن الاعممال والتجاره..

    عموما مشكور..

    وموفق يارب..

  3. ba6alah says:

    lemon-aid : lol eghbar mo er6oba shako eydahen :r , la wallah CR ga3ed feh bas 3ashan el ga3da 😐

    رورو الشخبوطة : Thanks you 2 o inshallah i will post more about several books mo shar6 about business :] .

  4. FourMe says:

    ghbar a7sen mn hal mo6ar ely mo rathy yogaf :/

  5. ba6alah says:

    FourMe : eeh wayed a7san! Allah yarzegkom inshallah eb mojat eghbar ma etkhales ! o eyeblena mo6arkom ely mo 3ajebkom :r

  6. ولا مره جربت ساندويش كوفي ريبابليك

    كله اجرب شي ينشرب خاصه الي على فريرو وهالسوالف

    بس عيبهم انهم ثقال يغثون

    شكرا 🙂

  7. Sumaiah says:

    try the pumpkin cake, it’s like a mini “caramel” pumpken cake! now i’m craving it!:(
    i hate ‘3bar and i could easily live without it!!

    “havent u heard of the golden rule? who ever has the gold rules!” i’m quoting aladdin whats happening to me!!

  8. shaba9a says:

    il jaw kan 3ajeb elyoum =P
    yea so how did the sandwiches taste LOL xD

  9. reemas says:

    it sounds like interesting book.
    thx for sharing
    and be careful of the dusty weather
    take care dear :))

  10. ba6alah says:

    شاي الضحى : don’t ever try their sandwiches 😐

    Sumaiah : I will try it and i hope it will taste good. nice quot you have to write a book one day about who ever has the gold rules ;p

    shaba9a : agool how are you bas ? :[

    reemas : it is :]

  11. FAHED says:

    i love the title “Reading & Eating In Dusty Weather” o_O
    today also dusty weather,when i driving i can’t see really good i parked my black car after 4 hours it becomes white lool i say no that is not my car 😀
    It’s just a days and the weather will become good inshallah

  12. ba6alah says:

    FAHED : i hope so :]

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