Whats The Big Deal In 25/26 February !?

Posted: February 25, 2010 in Politics

There is some people who might think that 25/26 February is just about having long holiday and that’s why they are happy and other people doesn’t see what’s the big deal in that day except closing the streets, making noise, foams , accidents blah blah blah . In my point of view we shouldn’t be happy just because it’s holiday , we shouldn’t be sad and think of it as  days of troubles,  you know Kuwait Population is mixture of  “Muslims “she3a,Sena” and Christians” about Mo7aram She3a think of it as a sad day and sena think of it in another way and Christians don’t even think of it , about Ramadan she3a fast 30 days and suna sometimes fast 29 days and Christians don’t even fast in ramadan , well I’m saying that not to show who’s right and who’s wrong , I’m only saying it because the only two days that all Kuwaitis “Muslims”sena,she3a” and Christians” have the same feelings and share the same Happiness  is 25/26 February and that’s what makes me really Happy  , we should love our land before anything and we should thanks our god for having it, we need in this days a real patriots  we don’t want who claim that he have the keys of heaven , we don’t want who thinks that his family is the best  with blue bloods , what we want is real hearts belongs to our land, our country, our home, our life , Kuwait . I love You Kuwaitis “she3a,sena,Masee7” And I hope we all stay together live together and Die together for the homeland , Kuwait our motherland .

P.S : Adre Endemajt Eshwaya Bas Tegderon Etgolon Eny Wa6any Mota3aseb :r

  1. كل سنة والكويت بخير..

    الله يحفظها ويحفظ اهلها يارب..

    وحلو المقال ماشاءالله..

    بس جان زين لو يخصصون شوارع معينه للمسيرات ..

    هذا اكثر شي يخرب العيد الوطني والتحرير..

  2. ba6alah says:

    رورو الشخبوطة : Inshallah They will , o Kel3am o deratna eb khair Inshallah :]

  3. Sumaiah says:

    i hate holidays, i’m bored!:(

  4. msha3erha says:

    I liked the post 😀 Teslam yaddek wo mo5ek shlon yfakker 😉

  5. ba6alah says:

    greak : :]

    Sumaiah : Try to do something useful :]

    msha3erha : Thanks 🙂

  6. Sumaiah says:

    like what!! i’ve already read a novel, researched for my paper, and watched a movie and we’re not even half way through the holiday!!:(
    oo ba3dain wojody bel7aya ehya akbar faida, thank u very much!:p

  7. ba6alah says:

    Sumaiah : lol! u welcome :]

  8. كل عام والكويت وشعبها بخير

    وعاشت لنا الكويت وعاشوا اهلها


    وين علم الكويت ما اشوفه؟

  9. ba6alah says:

    شاي الضحى : akeed u can’t see it , 3alam leq8 mawjood bel galb :]

  10. FAHED says:

    and other people doesn’t see what’s the big deal in that day except closing the streets, making noise, foams , accidents blah blah blah .
    its me : ) foOoOoOoOoms

  11. dora says:

    lo kl wa7d fena yg3d 10 min bs yathkir fehum el ghazo oo shlon kanat 7altna oo yshof el ne3ma wl khair ele a7na feeh now chan a7na bkhir ! chan klman 3raf qemat wa6ana ele ga3deen now ydalelon feeh wezaydon 3leh ! ;/ lo el shohada yshofon el q8 now wil q8yen chan ymkn te7asefaw 3ala kl ga6rat dam enzelat mnhum !! 3sa alah yhdena we9on lena hl ne3ma

  12. ba6alah says:

    dora : yeah that’s right :/

  13. well… I totally agree with you 😉 It is an occaision to celebrate our land.
    Still the chaos is unbearable! Something should be done about it! oo albaraka feekom yallshabab to make a stand!

  14. ba6alah says:

    Dalal : Inshallah we will make a stand :]

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