Filipino .. Kuwaitino

Posted: February 26, 2010 in Random

Filipino :

I don’t know whats the story about Philippines men being gay , you can see easily If u noticed one of them working in any restaurent how na3em he is , shino moshkelat’hom ana many 3aref , y3ny mayseer ya body builder Ya Na3em ! Anyways I was ordering from MacDonald “drive thru”  one of them Unfortinatily was Na3em Ezyada 3an el lozom o ga3ed yestathref faj’ah gelab 3adel Emam el 7abeb! ” sowalef Eymed eda eb ya36eny el Pepsi Eyred yes7abha mara thanya ma3a ebtesama ! Agool so3ad 7usny khales la ahaster 3alaik ” .

Kuwaitino :

I went last week to public authority for industry to complete something with them and i was in one of their departments asking who can help me to find the right person that i supposed to meet  , wela faj’ah el department kela girls wearing black fe black nages agol A7san Allah 3azakom! , elmohim one of them was really fat with black 3abaya and black e7jaab she noticed me and i felt that she was saying inside her self  “Walain maly khelg customers!” chan etgoly “ETFATHAL?” beslob eynarvez ely madre eshfeny faj’ah baghait ahaster 3alaiha! chan agolaha el salam awal! and i told her what i want bel eslob ely galatly feh etfathal :r tefaja’at Enha faj’ah eglebat o 3adelat eslobha , y3ny madre laish lekuwaitien etha yet’hom beslob 7elow eynafson wetha nafast 3alaihom yenthab6on ! tara the same Issue with bankers Ansa7kom to treat your customers the way they want not the way you want because some of them like to be treated in bad way with some nafseya .

P.S : I mentioned Filipino and Kuwaitino to compare their men with our women and it seems reyayelhom an3am mn 7aremna :r  “J/K no harm feelings :]”

  1. Tudo says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL walah u put a big smile in my face ;D l2naa 9a7 klaaamch ;p tara bl Philippines mako ryaal ;s o madre laish akthar shy they work eb mcdonalds ;s e7irni lama yitlmayla7 ;@ 6ab3an ma yi3trfon eb shy esmaa sha3r bedhom, bs fe mara shift wa7d fe sha3r beda 9ar fene :O chan agolaa you have hair on your hands ??? chan yi`67aaaak ;Pp 7ata ohwaa yadre ;p

  2. ba6alah says:

    Tudo : ba3ad ent Allah eyhadak ete7arash fehom , anyways Ba6alah = بطاله I’m just giving u a hint that I’m a male hehehe :]

  3. msha3erha says:

    Looool ana an’3ath mn ahal hal balad :S mn elli sheftah wo mn elli te3amalt weyahom about 60% are gays and lesbians!!! ma at7amala ana hal naw3eya wo mo bs ahaster laa I become another harsh girl when dealing with unnatural ones :S ye7egli mn elli ashoofah eb9ara7a 😉 but one point for Pilipino that they are always smiling

    Hm looooool wala 9aj. ya yammi lazem ysan3oon who ever works fee 5edmat el 3omala2 :S mako eslob laa fe banks wala wezarat wala mostashfayat wala hotels!! tesana3aw 3ad

  4. ba6alah says:

    msha3erha : yeah i agree with ur Filipino point about smiling :] bas about kuwaitino Bankers esara7a mashgogen shag bel customers service bas ghair el banks u can not find a real customer service 😐

  5. Tudo says:

    hehehe ops sorry ;$ 3balaai ba6alah as in hero ;s o walah ma t7rasht feee ohwaa b3ad allah hadaa mn mako sha3r ly ako sha3ar aked be9er fenee :O ;p

  6. QuestionQ8 says:

    y3ny madre laish lekuwaitien etha yet’hom beslob 7elow eynafson wetha nafast 3alaihom yenthab6on !

    LoL thats true, that point was proven to me time and time again ! ;p

  7. Sumaiah says:

    i’m a fat girl who wares 3abaya from time to time, should i stop coming by ur blog!:p
    gay people are adorable, please show them some love!:p
    and i hate people with nafseya! ya3ny it’s not my problem enna i was raised to respect all, ” never forget ur please and thank yous ” is what i grew up on! i just dont think that i can be rude to people, what should i do!
    sorry for the long meaningless comment!

  8. ba6alah says:

    QuestionQ8 : Yeah 😐

    Sumaiah : I meant ena eslobha kan Athgal mn her weight that’s all :] , sometimes you have to be rude to gain respect :/ , “and it wasn’t long comment 😛 “

  9. LOL!!! You should see the Philippino who works as a designer at Party Land! He is something… I wonder if he is still working there. He hit on my sous chef John who is a manly man philippino during an event…Bo 3azoz was saying “what’s wrong John, he likes you.”
    John was cursing the whole time ;p
    But yes I agree with you. The women at the public authority and other ministeries are too much oo malhom ‘7elg yeshta’3lon because they have nothing better to do! Fathyeeen! They need ‘3aseel mo’7 and attitude therapy.
    As for bankers… in my days as a banker sowoli ‘3aseel mo’7 in customer service and all customers are the same… even better if they have a number & 6 zeros and above ;p

  10. ba6alah says:

    Dalal : well that’s wrong thing because i can see people want to be treated the way they want , some of them likes to be treated like a king and others might like to be treated like a sh*t :]

  11. lemon-aid says:

    LOOOOOOL! philiphino 3ndina bl jam3a LOL 6o-ma-sha! ama kuwaitano i agree with u hal sboo3 9arli mawaqef “la to3ad wala to79a” bss ga3ad amshi 3la hal methal “il 7gran ega6i3 il m9ran”

  12. ba6alah says:

    lemon-aid : Allaah eysaberna 3alaihom 😐

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