Girls are Bad | Boys Don’t want

Posted: March 1, 2010 in Life

It’s so simple when you ask a man how do he thinks about girls he would answer they are bad and that’s why men don’t want to get engaged with any of them , And if i asked him why Girls are bad ?! he will replay “OPEN UR EYES look to the streets and you will know what I mean” well, in my point of view not all girls are bad and not even half of them but you only see who acting in bad way “y3ny mo ma3qola All kuwaiti girls in the streets doing bad things” wela chan deratna sarat las Vegas :r   but you might say “bad girls are increasing” and i think the main reason of that is “men” , when I ask any one of el 3azabeya ely a3arefhom all of them don’t even think about marriage and the main answer is “it’s 2 early” ely yesma3 eygol el shabab raab3a metwase6 😐 anyways I see 3ozof el shabab 3an el zawaj might lead girls doing bad things and most of men afraid of being engaged because it’s a big responsibility  and that’s why we hear about a lot of couples getting divorced but hold on! it’s not all about men also girls should know more about “how to deal with their soul mate” I mean moshkelatna el3omom yaby eyshed ma7ad yaby eyrakhy .

The Question is : Girls Are Bad Wela Boys don’t Want to marry ?

In the middle of my topic you will see “Bad|Boys” so i will leave you with one of Bad Boys song and it’s one of my favorites

P.S : I can say kether mafeh Bad girls you gonna find also Bad Boys , BAS EL BANAT AKTHAR! la J/K :] el shabab mo mal zawaj la atqashmar :] adre thaya3tkom But This is what I meant , think of it from both sides not only from your side .

  1. greak says:

    Strong subject dude. never the less, very critical. The problem I think is with the intention of both parties. The girls want something and the boys want something else. And I think a lot of the guys today, want to play around you know. they want to bury their animal instinct. and when they exploit them selves to an unhealthy environment , which they deliberately walk on to it. They will SEE bad girls because their intention is not good, not healthy ,and not righteous. What did they expect when they’ve chosen this path of conduct ? Angels.
    But, of course there are bad girls too, who also wants to play around just like the guys. Both of those BAD people gonna enter a vortex on none -ending assumptions and misleading events which will lead eventually to their “3zoof” or “acting bad” situation. This situation is nurtured in a very long period of time by their bad intention.

  2. q8othug says:

    lol @ the statement that guys not marrying makes all the girls go bad. hahaha

    just wanted to correct that ALL boys are bad. i feel bad for girls sometimes thinking how innocent most of us are, or being simply naive. even a religious guy can back stack you by marrying a second/third/fourth wife

    BTW, im one of those (2 early 2 marry) to put things under perspective.

  3. MiYaFuSHi says:

    Well said. Also, there are some guys who will chase girls as young as 12 years old!! Use them, and throw them away. These girls have their innocence stolen cruelly.

    They then grow up to become ‘bad girls’ because they have been damaged.

  4. His says:

    Maybe all the good girls stay at home thats why you only see bad girls 😛

    but seriously, I think there are many good girls around. It is where the guys look they see the bad ones. Also each guy has his own definition of bad.

  5. shaba9a says:

    Only bad guys see girls in a bad way because they are already bad o-o
    but there are alot of girls that are like angels (A) *points at self* LOL la jk
    but really mthel ma fe bad guys fe bad girls, enough said :p
    keep the interesting posts coming yo :p

  6. ba6alah says:

    greak : yeah that’s right .

    MiYaFuSHi : well this kind of people need to see 6abeb nafsy 😐

    His : Sure :]

    shaba9a : hehehe akeed :p , Thanks yo

  7. Sumaiah says:

    the problem that we’re facing right now is that we have more boys than we do have men! and i dont mean that they are young or anything, no the are old enough to be men but refuse to act on it! we also have horny youth (whether girls or boys) with a lot of free time and resources but no vision at all, and that’s why i think that they get so attracted to the “bad side” as u put it, because it’s the easiest solution! we are a privileged nation, its a good thing sometimes but its catastrophically bad most of the time because it’s handed to spoiled brats with no sense responsibility or self conscientiousness! I also think that as long as we know that what ever we do someone’s going to have our back we will never grow up and look at the bigger picture!
    i have a lot to say but i already sound incoherent and all over the place so im going to stop here for every ones sake!:p

  8. كلن يرا الناس بعين طبعه ..

    مو معناته انه شاف جم بنت مو مضبوطة جمع وعمم وخلنا كلنا مو زينين ..

    وبعدين ع فكره الخايسه وقليلة الادب ع قولتك باد غيرل قايم حظهم وياخذون احسن الريايل اخلاق وفلوس وجمال :\

    والاهم وايد غرب يتحجون كويتي واشبيهم مثلنا وتصرفاتهم الله بالخير ..

    بس عموما كل واحد يشده اللي يدوره دايما يجذبنا الشي اللي نحبه :p

    بط جبدي وانا اوردي متنرفزه من جم صبي بالفتره الاخيره..

    جني خرتها :\

    عموما مشكور..

  9. hi
    what i want to say is neither of these 2.. it is all about the FAMILY.. and how they raise their children on what beliefs and what to value… boys are so being independent.. girls are so spoiled.. it’s not only in Q8,, it is in DXB and everywhere I think.. what both need( girls and boys) is to be depended,, 3agleen,, wey5afoon Alla

  10. A very tricky topic… first everyone has a different definition of bad and good… what is bad for you might be good for someone else.
    Not all girls are bad. And bad girls could be good, if a man knows how to treat her right. Not all boys are bad. And they could be very good if the girls know who to deal with them.
    For me I think there is nothing wrong with a little fun before commitment (with limits of course).

  11. ba6alah says:

    Sumaiah : yeah that’s might be right :]

    رورو الشخبوطة : hehehe don’t be nerves .

    اللولو المنثور : yeah that’s another thing and must be considered .

    Dalal : so it’s about the definition of bad , interesting point of view .

  12. MAZE says:

    well girls are bad so moody so demanding and so ugly b3d! 😛

  13. ba6alah says:

    MAZE : lol , la7ol that’s mean enta mn rabe3 “it’s 2 early” :p

  14. MAZE says:

    eee too too early b3d :p

  15. lemon-aid says:

    hmm..madri shagolik:s 9arli fatra ga3ad afaker ib nafs il mawtho3 7ata il theqa 9arat shebh ma3dooma:s eli allah katba be9eer

  16. um-mit3ib says:

    ok here is the thing…

    boys have been “bad” since god knows when… girls recently fgishaw in the past couple of yrs…

    boys were ok with them being “experienced” while yakhthoon banat “o6a mghamada”

    but when il “o6a” fate7at 3ainha like theyve been emfat7een 3yoonhom sarlihom dahar… ekhtar3aw

    laish ya tura?

  17. ba6alah says:

    lemon-aid : hehehe inshallah mako ela el 3afya :]

    um-mit3ib : Laish Ya Tura? 😛

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