10 Ways To Have Strong Memory

Posted: March 5, 2010 in Life

This days I feel I’m getting old , I Forget a lot of things , I bought a book about how to keep your memory stronge and it was not that good , all I got from this book is how to connect things with others to remember it easily . Anyways I will show you 10 ways to increase your memory power And i hope it will be useful for you :

1- Pick Your Own Brain and Share it with Others:

Don’t keep your knowledge stored up. Teaching others is another great way to boost memory skills.

2- Pick Up a Book:

The key to keeping your memory sharp is to continue to challenge it. Try to always have a book in hand. After you’re done reading a chapter or two, question and review the material you’ve read.

3- Repeat After Me:

When learning new information, the more you repeat it, the more likely you will be able to recall that information.

4- Brain food:

Don’t let yourself run on empty. A balanced diet will help keep your mind running strong all day long. Make sure to include plenty of fruits and leafy green vegetables. I already talked about \”Brain Food\” a month ago.


Get your body moving and your memory will soon follow. Exercise improves the heart’s blood flow.

6- Brain Games:

Unscramble your memory with Scrabble. Intellectually stimulating activities and games such as Scrabble, crossword puzzles and trivia games are great for boosting your memory.

7- Cultivate interest:

We tend to remember the things that we enjoy. Find ways to make a boring subject fun by associating it to something you already know.

8- Sleeping :

Sleep plays a critical role in your physiological function and is vital for your intellectual development. Memory failure is a common occurrence for many sleep-deprived individuals.

9- Give It a Beat:

Music not only helps trigger memories of past events, but also stimulates learning skills. Music has also been shown to help retain information and provide multiple modes of information retrieval. “Yabon yemno3on el moseqa ba3ad :r ”

10- Take a Sip Down Memory Lane:

Coffee is good for more than just getting you out of bed in the morning. Researches have found the stimulant affect of caffeine can help boost memory.

P.S : If all this steps didn’t make your memory stronger that’s mean :

1- You Have a Monkey Brain . “3ala Fekra tara el shaathy Thaki” :I

2- You should sell your Brain & buy Flash memory asap !”Tara Ana sharay” .

3- Yomkom Garab .”A7san Allah 3azakom”

.. Enjoy Your Week End :]

  1. shaba9a says:

    1- Pick Your Own Brain and Share it with Others: i always share stuff with others and they go like wee3 3elmiii sktaay -.- lol

    2- Pick Up a Book: i read alot!

    3- Repeat After Me: absolutely =D

    4- Brain food: i dont have a good diet.. more like i have a really bad diet LOL i dont eat 3 meals and i eat alot of snacks and 5arabe6 :p

    5-Exercise: i never exercise, maybe twice a week for 5 minutes :p

    6- Brain Games: i love puzzles and word games!

    7- Cultivate interest: yea thats very helpfull 😮 i use it to memorize names and dates and biology and geology thingies :p

    8- Sleeping : i sleep like alot! my nap is like 10 hours, and my normal sleeping is like 12 or more.. xD

    9- Give It a Beat: music helps alot! an lan kay lam al ta3lel 7ata fa2 al sababeya (A) LOL

    10- Take a Sip Down Memory Lane: i dont drink coffee, but i drink green tea :p does that count xD
    wow i talk alot o.o
    Thank you =D

  2. greak says:

    2- You should sell your Brain & buy Flash memory asap !”Tara Ana sharay”

  3. faith says:


    If you wrote the last part then you need to write your own book ;D

    Walla good advices, except I read once that coffee is bad for your memory, it kinda make you stutter and take a longer time trying to pick the right word to say. Y3ni if you can’t even remember how to talk go figure what’s gonna do to your overall memory..but… I’m an addict so whatever!

  4. ba6alah says:

    shaba9a : lol fa2 el sababeya , you have to sleep less than 12 hours :I , and you have to eat more healthy food , so i will give you 8 from 10 which is excellent , wetha 7anaitay 3alaiy e7temal aghayer el daraja from 8 to 9 :]

    greak : 250 KD , sharay :]

    faith : black coffee is good in the morning but no one like it :] and yeah i wrote the last part so I’m gonna write a book and sell it in virgin mega store o ba7e6ly 6awla 3ashan awaqe3 7ag el customers :r

  5. انا فقدت الذاكره :\

    من لما كنت بالتعش اتوقع من جامعة الفقر :\

    وانا كنت انام وايد الحين لا بس بحاول ان شاءالله اطبق هالخطوات..


  6. bo6abesh says:

    ee walla a7ess inny shayabt ana b3d 😉

    i also bought a book when i was in usa about how to keep ur brain younger…the most important thing is to detoxing ur body from toxins from cigarettes and bad eating habits which is ra7at 3aleena 😛

  7. ba6alah says:

    رورو الشخبوطة : la inshallah ra7 etreden thakertech :]

    Bo6abesh : kelesh wala el cigarettes ! :p

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