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Posted: March 7, 2010 in Life

Do you remember I.R.C ? mino fena ma dash I.R.C ? I used to join IRC when i was 14 years old pretending that I’m 21 years old “y3ny Ekbeer” :I , 6ab3an 3ala Ayam el Dial-up connection “Etha Shebak Weyana Ensharbek mn el far7a :]” .

The World :

I used to think Mirc is similar to our world , well we have our daily chat room like #Kuwait “and in real life = family group, friends” and we join from time to time to other chat rooms “In real life = Group el jam3a, Zomala’a el 3amal…” And we are struggling to have +v “Voice” in the chat room ” in real life = Tarqeya In ur work or Takmelat Derasa BA, MBA, PHD  ” And we chat a lot hoping to be +O “OP in the chat room” in real life it’s like being “Manager” :] and if we didn’t get it from chatting we might get it from “TakeOver The channel” o hal wath3 eyshabeh “ely ya7feron 7ag zomala’ahom bel 3amal or their best friends 3ashan yes3edon 3ala eth’horhom” By Using Nukes “Nuke = easy hack programme we used it to disconnect people connections bel Mirc”. In the other hand we might open New chat room hoping one day to be a famous chat room with a lot of user’s “in real life it’s just like starting your Own business”, And we also Kick a lot of people from our life and some times banned them , if you kicked some one that’s mean you are giving him/her a second chance and if you banned him/her from your life that’s mean the End of the relation. Maybe there is no big Deal in Mirc but it was  similar to Our World .

P.S : wa7ed mn shabab el Dowaneya 9ayed 3ala Wa7ed mn el rabe3 his nickname Ayam el 6ofola o 3asa ma sar shay Gala tara  wallah agolohom your nickname “Yadre Etha Gal his Nickname mara7 Tagzer 3alaih”shakla kan Qawy 3eyazt a7en 3ashan Eygool bas Emkatmen 3al wath3 shakla mn noo3 Q8^Mamloo7 :r  .

  1. Maze says:

    she5bareeee…ana kint malak el irc :p

  2. His says:

    Ba6alah…..mako aqdam???

    3ayel la7agt 3ala freetel?? 😛

  3. Pisces Chick says:

    does it still exist?

  4. i loved freetel…. tshoof il7roof ily ga3da tinkitib by the other user live jidamik 3al screen.

    ybayin winta taktib oo tamsi7 oo t’3ayir rayik oo taktib mara thanya LOL kan iyanin khosh barnamaj, wayed 3afawy.

    i never got into the mirc craze, was too busy living it up on yahoo! chat. mirc was very primitive in my opinion.

    i still have my yahoo! nicknames, lail7een adish oo achayik ashoof mino fee mino ma fee, chood yi6la3 wa7ed mn ilrabi3 ilqodamaa2 oo tisti3eed oo nistathkir ayam il6ofola saweyatan 😛

  5. ba6alah says:

    Maze : hehehe malek wela malak tara feh farg :r

    His : hehehe akeed o IcQ :r bs ma estakhdamt’hom

    Pisces Chick : wallah I don’t know :/ good question .

    dodoresurrected : lol I didn’t use freetel :[ , ham mo ghala6 teste3ed thekrayat al 6ofola as u said :]

  6. swera says:

    Oh Crapp!!! you reminded me of my morahaqa lol!!! i used to skip university coz i was sleep-deprived staying all night long chatting about useless stuff instead of doing smth useful :Pp

  7. dora says:

    i liked the kick out and banned part 😛 actually am applying them in my real life now 😀 they r very useful ! and u always get what u want by using them 😀

  8. ba6alah says:

    swera : E wallah useless but we did enjoy that time :p
    Dora : feel free to use any of them anytime it will makes you better :]

  9. Fereej says:

    Yep :))) Kent @ eb #Kuwait DALnet server 😉

  10. lemon-aid says:

    LOL kuwait 4 3aba6 =P was part of that my nick ma2saaat mala da3ii afthaa7=P

  11. Sumaiah says:

    i never got into the IRC thingy so i have a vague idea of what ur talking about! but i loved the comparison:)

  12. Bibi says:

    Yaaay irc ..barbaast teberbes walla ..I’m 24 bs since I was 16 kent I join .. It was somethin ..

  13. اي انا ماستخدمته 🙂

    لاني ماحب سوالف الشات توني قبل جم سنه اخر2006 بلشت اشبك بالمسن ..


  14. ba6alah says:

    Fereej : I was on Efnet serevr :]

    lemon-aid : yah yah mashallah shal nickat el sa3ba :r .

    Sumaiah : Thanks 🙂

    Bibi : hehehe It was fun :]

    رورو الشخبوطة : hehehe a7san lech :]

  15. lemon-aid says:

    kuwait 4 3aba6 was the grp mu my nick

  16. juvebizkit says:

    Maaan!!! remember the modifying scripts??
    and i was using the same nickname… I guess my last time there was like in the 2000 – 2001??

  17. ba6alah says:

    juvebizkit : lol sure i remember the scripts :p , for me the last time i joined was on 2000

  18. FourMe says:

    Olaa yal ghbaraa! shakhbaaari shakhbaaari hehe no comment :p

  19. ba6alah says:

    FourMe : old is gold :r

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