Alice And The Wonder Guy

Posted: March 8, 2010 in Random

Yesterday I went to Alice In wonderland “Cinema Imax 360” with my sister and her children “yeah it was family day” Anyways I enjoyed the movie actually i loved  Johnny Depp character “The Mad Hatter” . In the middle of the movie “faj’ah Weld Ekhty wegaf “he is 6 years old” o ge3ad Eysarekh “MaMa Ana Sheft hal Laq6a In Tv!! o Ge3ad Yeshra7 el laq6a” Ghal6an el 7abeeb Ana Agool Eywagfon el movie O Tanzel teshra7 7ag elnas A7san :r , Anyways It was 3D movie and one of the scenes was a Butterfly flying in the jungle “so imagine it with 3d glasses” suddenly Ashof Eed fog rasy et9afeg ! “Oh Behind me was a kid trying to catch the butterfly hehehe :p ” , it’s nice to have kids they will always makes you smile but sometimes eyseron Ed3al :r .

The Wonder Guy :

After Cinema I went to Dowaneya , one of my friends want to buy a car and he found one so Galy “Tawny Lagy Audi R8 o Emwa3ed sa7ebha fa ta3al weyay” by the way I mentioned the car name for a reason you will know it later :I , I said ok let’s go bas wain emwa3da !? he told me let me call the guy , dagla chan eygola ta3al Bnaid Al-Gar “Eshda3wa 3areth’ha be7saineya!” Anyways Wela emwa3edna Yam Wa7da mn el 3amayer “Shal Amaken el shobha :r ” We noticed A girl in her car ga3da etkhez wela te6la3 sa7beta o no3ha emsayreta y3ny eshtaby emkhaleha etsayrek o shako yayebha ?

This Question comes with multiple choices :

1- Yaby Eydakwer 3alaina . “Mayshof Shar”

2- Yaby Eyfahemna If you bought the car you gonna catch a lot of girls. “Ham Mayshof Shar”

3- Yaby Eyfahemna If we bought the car ra7 eydakhelna sa7b 3al 3emara ely kan feha .” Hrm Chena khosh sa7b”

4- All of Above .

P.S : I did saw Alice In Wonderland bas 3ajayeb el shabab e6la3at more wel Banat even Akthar :]

  1. swera says:

    I’m going tonight to watch for the 2nd time . . . i’m crazy inlove with the Mad Hatter and Off With His Head LOL

  2. ba6alah says:

    swera : lol mE 2

  3. bo6abesh says:

    jad jad tha7aktney 😛

    ee walla 3ajayeb el guys ma tkhali9…
    maybe the car offer was: buy the car get the lady free eheh:P

  4. Sumaiah says:

    he’s offering the car with services, it’s not every day that you meet aguy with values!:p

  5. ba6alah says:

    bo6abesh : shensawy ma3a hal 3alam 😐

    Sumaiah : hehehe yeah that’s right :p

  6. Shwaish says:

    hehehehe 6ayib maybe shes part of the sale, she comes with the car :s and also cuteness il yahal! ana ri7t ma3a my cousins who were 15 and 14 and they too had weird reactions! like screaming :s

  7. ba6alah says:

    Shwaish : if she was part of the sale then let him take the girl o eynazel mn se3er el car ;p .

  8. he probably thought you’re gonna buy the car right there and then. you want the guy to go home on foot? akeed kanat na6rita 3ashan twa9la lama ittim ilbai3a 😛 mo zain soo2 il’9an

  9. ba6alah says:

    dodoresurrected : lol ! sa7 ena ba3tha Al Than ethem ;]

  10. Maze says:

    wein bil sh3b?? :p

  11. lemon-aid says:

    maze- gal bneid il gar:P
    ba6alah- etha yabii r8 la yshteri min il q8;p look for dbai or qatar cheaper oo pimped a7laaa!

  12. ba6alah says:

    MAZE : I think lemon-aid answered your Q :]

    lemon-aid : La yaby wared wekalat leq8 😐

  13. Pisces Chick says:

    5. He wants to let you know that the girl comes withthe car.
    Ya3ni buythe car get a girl for free 😛

    Hahaha .. Your nephew is ADORABLE!! 😀 I love kids.

  14. ba6alah says:

    Pisces Chick : Yes he is ! 🙂

  15. شوقتني اروح له ال3d


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