Lonely In Ur Life

Posted: March 11, 2010 in Life

I’ve seen a lot of people like to be alone , working alone , watching Tv alone , Eating alone and I don’t know if they really enjoy living their life with loneliness  . Every one in the planet need to be alone , I mean you can think more actively , clear your mind , relax , read more , focus harder when you be alone but that’s doesn’t mean to be alone all the time , sometimes I enjoy being alone having insider talk between me and my soul or my mind and I will call that “a Happy Loneliness moments” but I noticed other people who are sad and alone always think in a bad way about their selves , having negative thoughts and hating others or should I say afraid to communicate with peoples or want to attract others by showing them that they are lonely And I will Call that “a Sad miserable loneliness”  . So What kind of loneliness do you have in your life ?! The sad or the happy one? I think we should know more about our selves before knowing others .

I feel right now that I want to be at Times Square “NewYork City” with roller skate and my Ipod , listening to this song through my headsets  :

P.S : For who feel that he always lonely and sad I say Get a life Enjoy your self it’s a short life don’t waste it in being sad and miserable and I dedicate Oh Happy Day song to you and if you didn’t like it then fine Go And Die :E , Enjoy Your Week End All :]

  1. bo6abesh says:

    its interesting to know what kind of dicussion do u have with ur inner self…for me i have the doubtful or ((7anna)) loneliness…i usually wondering when im alone wether if i accoplish things the right way or could i do it better…it3aref elly chinna wa7ed ga3ed oo ydaqeq 3ala rasik 😛 bas mayel lel happiness more than sadness ashwa…wish u the a nice weekend too bro 🙂

  2. ba6alah says:

    bo6abesh : should i say you have “Audit loneliness?” lol :]

  3. soloistah says:

    But sometimes, you have got no other choice, It happens.

  4. ba6alah says:

    soloistah : yeah sometimes as u said but not all times :]

  5. Sumaiah says:

    i like being alone! i mean i have friends and some times i love being around them but i’m most comfortable alone! it’s not like i’m sad and alone and emo like in a “why am i alive, maybe i should kill myself” type of way, its in a “i dont have to put a mask and hide” type of way!

  6. ba6alah says:

    Sumaiah : that’s good as long as you are happy :]

  7. there’s a difference between being alone, and being lonely… وحده … وحيدا

    just because you’re alone, doesn’t mean you’re lonely. and you might be in new york bwi96 ma3ma3at 20 million shakh9 and you can still be lonely even if you’re not alone.

  8. ماحب الوحده الا حزات معينه اذا كنت مندمجه اقرا او شي من هذا القبيل بس العاده احب اليمعه..


  9. ba6alah says:

    dodoresurrected : I know , But I’m talking about being Alone & Lonely in the same time :]

    رورو الشخبوطة : A7san lech o awnas lech hehe :p

  10. dora says:

    i enjoy my own company in a way that makes my lonely time enjoyable and happy time 4 me 🙂 and thats some thing few ppl have so i guess am blessed with this 🙂 i even enjoy traveling alone it makes me calm and think clearer and draw my life bath and goals in much creative and positive way ! i always find solutions for my problems when am alone !

  11. اكره شي الوحده

    انا احب اليمعه والقرقه بكل مكان حتى بالبيت

    وحتى ايام الامتحانات قبل كنت ادرس وانا مجابله امي ههههههه

    اذكر السنه الي طافت كنت بسافر حق اختي وكنت بروحي

    اكثر شي كنت احاتيه شلون بقعد بالطياره اكثر من 7 ساعات ما اتكلم ههههههه

    بس اشوه اقعدت يمي عيوز وقمنه نسولف

    الوحده تييب الكآبه

    شكرا 🙂

  12. ba6alah says:

    dora : That’s good , you have to keep it that way but don’t be alone all the times it’s healthy to be around people :]
    شاي الضحى : el 3ayayez ma etkhales sowalefhom :p

  13. swera says:

    I like watching Tv alone coz i hate all kinds of noise even the breath of those who r next to me! i like working alone, coz sometimes people tend to be jerks or just plain stupid and do not get what i want!!!

    i love shopping alone . . . reading alone . . . and would like to try traveling alone (if only)

  14. ba6alah says:

    swera : good as long as you are happy , why not :]

  15. MAZE says:

    am not lonely but my heart is :S

  16. lemon-aid says:

    ana ma7eb ag3ad bro7ii it7oshni qligaaa! a7ib il naas bss 3ad mu ay a7ad i have my circle of ppl mali 5ilg naas ‘3orb ;p

  17. ba6alah says:

    MAZE : enalelah o ena elayh raje3oon :]

    lemon-aid : a7sanlech :]

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