When You Gone

Posted: March 13, 2010 in Life

Today I watched movie called “Awake” I know “qadeem” but I really loved it you have to watch it if you didn’t see it yet , It shows how a mother would do anything to save and protect her son “you will get what I mean after watching the movie”. Anyways I was thinking of something and i want to share it with you, what would you say to your mother before she’s Gone ? What would you tell her, show her or even do to her ?! I think Thanks is not enough to her , saying I appreciate what you did to me not even enough , I admire you ? I love you ? Not even enough , they have to create new word better than “Thanks – adore – love” for our mothers .

When You Gone :

I don’t know how it would feel thinking of it let my tears appear .

I like to see my self dead before you gone my dear.

I don’t know what to say but Thanks is not enough for you to hear .

I would give you my heart, my soul , my eyes , my ear .

I know about mothers day but you deserve all the year .

P.S : Ha Anfa3 Akteb lyrics ? :p .  tara el 9ora ely fog mo 9orat el walda, ma 3endena omahat Yet-tha7ekon bel e9war o ey7e6on make up! :r

  1. Sumaiah says:

    i have nothing to tell my mom really and i dont think that that will change! i’d love to show her that i’m a success:)
    ba6alah and his rhymes, what will life be without them!:p

  2. ba6alah says:

    Sumaiah : wish you the best :] , yeah whats life without mE :I

  3. swera says:

    let me tell you this!! you cant really think of smth to express what u feel towards ur mother! my mom died in the US away from me when i was full of hope and faith that i will join her soon to help her through her sickness! but guess what . . . i wasn’t even that close to getting by her side . . . so you really cant figure that out!

  4. shaba9a says:

    i agree with swera, theres not enough words in the vocabulary that describe our love and appreciation for mothers =/
    i love my mom and i cant wait for mothers day :p
    yea and hi how are you long time ha LOL

  5. ba6alah says:

    swera : I’m really sorry to hear that allah yer7amha o inshallah ma tafgeden ghaly anymore .

    shaba9a : 3ad yebelaha hadeya san3a :r

  6. Mie Mie says:

    i watched the movie 3 days or 2 days ago! i was amazed by how the turn over happens when his mum decides to give away her heart to her son! That was the most touching part, and recalling what happened before, warning him not to marry Jessica and doing the surgery with the other Dr.
    Mothers are AWLWAYS right! and true, one day is never enough to show our gratitude to them! 🙂

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