Alarm Indicator

Posted: March 15, 2010 in Business

Are you risky or conservative :

Part of my job was selling funds , When we have new fund in the company we start to call the clients and offer them our new fund but there is something called Risk profile , it’s like a survey you have to do it with the customer to show his ability and what type of customer he is , y3ny if the result shows the customer is conservative and the fund is risky it means it’s better to not let the customer subscribe in this fund  , so it was like Alarm to warn the customer that this fund might not suit you or you can’t handle the risk of it .

Alarm Indicator :

I think in our life there is a lot of indicators “works just like the Alarm” if we used them well it will show us what should we do or why we should not . I think this alarm can help us in everything , in our relations, business, health…. but sometimes we act like blinds, ignoring all the indicators shutting the alarm off hoping that everything would just go the way we want , saying “Ely Allah Katba Eyseer” which is wrong ! you might say how it’s wrong ! mo Ely Allah katba Eyseer? well , it’s like driving your car really fast without fasten your seat belt , Smoking Cigarettes and don’t want to quit “e7m e7m :r”, Can you have a child without getting married ? “Eeeh Bel Monkar! La J/k” :] . I think you got my point and a lot of people use “Ely Allah Katba Eyser” in wrong place, so we need to really use our Alarm and see all the indicators inorder to act and do the right thing .

P.S : one of my customers was in my office and he asked me about the balance in his account, i told him e7sabek mafeh shay , chan eygoly shino! Wel 250 alf! geltla ay 250 alf ? baqa yogaf galba chan agola la la Atqashmar ma3ak ;] .

  1. Maze says:

    el post ebdaa3 b3d…wein el malyoon mali..:p

  2. ba6alah says:

    Maze : bel 7efth wel 9oon ;]

  3. lemon-aid says:

    BADA3T!!! inta nikta!!! =P yallaa yallaa daam tgol “alarm” wagif hal zigayer;p yes i agree inta qa9dik we ignore all the red flags 9a7? in9eer 3myaan oo ba3dain ingol “qatha2 o qdar”

  4. swera says:

    i had this HUGE noisy alarm but kept shutting it off regarding my weight gain . . . now im starting to listen to it . . . we may keep on ignoring but one day we will HAVE to listen to it 😀

  5. shwaish says:

    ana 3ad ma3indi sha’3la ‘3air recognizing the alarm, doing the thing anyway and then waiting for the consequence :s moshkila walla

  6. msha3erha says:

    Long time since I checked your blog :p yallah edfa3 ta3wee9′ :p lol

    Well, ya maktharhom elli tet7acha 3anhom :S they always reply with a meaningless phrase ” shasawi ba3ad hatha elli Allah katbah” zain ma5talafna b sent mn el2wal tadri hashay elli betsaweeh ma ye9la7lek eshlah tge6 roo7ek feeh!!

    And you know what makes want to have a gun!! The other category of people which doing the whole thing in the most opposite way!! Elli telgahom ya5thoon kel shay 3ala asas ennah sign for something!! Ya3ni if he/she went out and faced traffic jam, ygoolek ana esh6ala3ni mn el bait akeed el youm na7s :O wella telgalek wa7ed/wa7da ebyetzawejoon wo tali ma legaw el mokan elli beysawoon feeh el 3ers fully booked beygoolek wallah hathi esharah mn rabbi en malena ne9eeb!!! Eshda5al al7ain??!! Wain my gun wainah?

  7. ba6alah says:

    lemon-aid : Inshallah ag6a3 :/ , and yeah that’s what i meant :]

    swera : we have to :]

    shwaish: lol la7ol :\

    msha3erha : lol besmellah yaya ebsharech ! wain hal ghaiba hehehe mn zeman ! bas ethaher allah kateb 😛

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