Posted: March 17, 2010 in Random

This days i don’t know whats the problem with my dreams , I dream about weird things for example last time I dreamed about “Ezhaiwy Ely Ey6eer kelsa3 lazeg feny” y3ny shasawy ?! aresh ro7y Befleet gabel la anam 3ashan ma a7lem feh?! Anyways My friend told me 7elam eny Tezawajt “y3ny even my friend had weird dream about me Eny ga3ed adazdez SmS Barkoly Tara melacht”. whats the meaning of that dream ?! I think Ya Bakh6eb Wa7da Teshbah lezhaiwy ely ey6eer or Mara7 Atzawaj lain eyser shakly nafs lezhaiwy ely ey6eer :r .  I don’t remember when did I have a good dream , maybe I should call Mr.Al-Naham to show me how to have a good dreams . well in reality  I have a lot of dreams but didn’t achieve them yet hoping that I’m doing the best to reach my dreams, I think we all have to dream about something at least it will make us feel happy for moments , but the most important thing is ==> how bad do you want your dream to be true ?! would you do anything to achieve your dream ?! or you are satisfied in just imagining it without doing anything !?

I will leave you with two songs , one for girls and the other for males “3ashan a7aqeq mabda’a el 3adala wel mosawat” :r

Girls Version :

Males Version :

P.S : I want to tell my Dreams that without you, Life is not what it seems . Mashallah 3alaiy sha3er ha?! Tara Bayeg’ha Mn Maq6a3 Eghneya :r

  1. shaba9a says:

    LOL interesting dream :p
    yea you’re gonna marry zheweya i guess :p
    once i had a dream and i didnt wanna wake up o-o i was 7 and i dreamt about eating ice-cream and texting LOL i wanted that phone so much!!
    but lately i’ve been having only bad dreams, and i kinda like them lol and i feel happy when i wake up because its not real =D lol
    oh well, sweet dreams :p

  2. ba6alah says:

    shaba9a : lol texting ha? mn wentay esghera et7ebeen el hathra :p , thanks u 2 ;]

  3. swera says:

    hathy elba6ala o matsawi . . . zheweya @@>!? bs etha mani ghal6ana tara lezhewi 3ado o dama lazeg feek y3ni hatha gereeb mennek . . . so becarefull though im not into dreams 🙂

  4. Sumaiah says:

    i don’t dream! OMG every time i leave a comment on ur blog i feel like an alien! i just realized that i might be an alien! la bs i have an explanation, it’s because of my crazy sleeping pattern so i don’t normally get to rapid sleep and that’s when dreams occur, so thats why i dont dream ya3ny i’m human after all!:p

    and i don’t have dreams, i focus on making plans that i could achieve dreaming is a waste of time in my opinion.

  5. اللهم اجعله خير..

    انا قبل جم يوم حلمانه بفار متختخ متعلق بهدومي وانا اضحك والفار ناس يقولون خير وناس عدو ..

    قلت اذا عدو شكله جنه مسعورتنا نفس المواصفات :\

    وحرام زوجة المستقبل حسرت فيها خنت حيلي هذا ماشفتها وجذي ..

    وبعدين عواشه وينها ليكون طلقتها..


  6. um-mit3ib says:

    LOL !! this post is hilarious 😛

  7. ba6alah says:

    swera : Allah Yaster :I

    Sumaiah : good to know that you are not alien :p , you can’t plan for something you don’t have image about it in your mind .

    رورو الشخبوطة : lol la 3aysha el mar6a 3ala themety lel7een hathy el thanya ely etshabeh ezhaiwy ey6er , y3ny Allah ey3een le3yal eshlon ebye6lo3on :r .

    um-mit3ib 😛

  8. msha3erha says:

    Mabrooook ya lezhaiwy laa wo t6eer ba3ab mnt hayyen :p Ana ba3ad 9ayra a7alem ashya gashra kelsh mo shay :S

    I do have dreams in my life, but I don’t do ANYTHING to achieve them. Ya3ni el3’aya ma tbarer elwaseela benesba liii :p I know that’s not what you meant 😉 :p

  9. Maze says:

    hmmm i don’t remember when the last time i dreamt!!

  10. shwaish says:

    loool inta fallah! eewa 9a7 il 7ilm tafseerah ino ib titzawaj wa7da tishbah hal zhaywi, mo shar6 bil shakil bass yimkin ib tanshib feek wtaktim 3ala anfasik wit’3ithik :p ya3ni standard wife behaviour

  11. ba6alah says:

    msha3erha : yallah 3al aqal it’s good to have one even if u didn’t achieve it :p

    Maze : afa’a 3ayal nomtek mafeha action .

    shwaish : lol Allaaah Yaster! :I

  12. Maze says:

    looool habibi a7eb el live action ana!

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