Posted: March 23, 2010 in Business

Yesterday I was enjoying my time in 360 mall And i noticed before leaving it a water leak on one of their gates , I don’t know whats wrong with 360 and who is behind this problem I mean it’s not the 1st time and 7aram kel eshway emkharben el artheyat with water leak , I hope it wont happen again , I really like this mall especially in the morning “shar7” .

Flooded with debts :

I can see a lot of people doesn’t have saving plan and as soon as they receive their salary they start spending it on a lot of things and before the end of the month their account would be Empty “3al 7adeda”  , two years ago a customer came to me he was 25 years old he said he want to reschedule his loan, he want “Extra” 5000 KD   , I just checked his account he will reach the maximum if he took 5000 extra , he already got 32000 KD loan with 5000 it will be 37000 , I told him I have personal question to you , where did you spend 32000 !? and why do you want 5000 Extra ? he told me about 32000 “sharait 6arad + athatht dary + safart + sharait laptops 7agy o 7ag my brothers” And about 5000 kd I want to buy SUV Car , geltla you don’t have a car? he said yes I have bas fe wanait 3ajebny , I told him mekhalef bas tara el wanait “Car” ely 3ajbek ra7 eykhalek ma etsaker qarthek ela when you be 46 years old and you still young you are almost 25 you gonna destroy your life , he answered ma tafreg weyay ana aslan el7een mara7 yetsakar my loan ella when I be 34 years old , I told him how about giving you saving plan and you can close your loan after 5 years instead of 9 years ? so you gonna reach the 30 without any debts ! He was interesting ! I told him what to do and how can he close his loan earlier with saving plan but without buying a car or taking 5000kd Extra , He was so happy and I didn’t achieve my Target for that month so I said “Ana Eshsawait!” La Joke Mate7asaft 3ala ely sawaita :] .

P.S : I might post about simple saving plans if you really like to save for your future or your children or at least to close your credit cards or loans , and if you don’t want just keep it the way Rashed el majed said “Ghareg el Ghargan Akthar” :r

  1. Dodo says:

    its simple, ma yabeelha plan. stop being stupid and spending money, that isnt yours, on stupid things. oo intahaina.

    i wouldn’t advise these idiots to use the credit card, “55 days to pay off your debt using the interest you gain from a deposit account” trick, if that’s your “saving plan”.

    momkin law sima7t, please tikfa 6alabtik yir7am waldaik, use more paragraphs? your blog bekhaleeny a9eer 7ola.

  2. ba6alah says:

    Dodo :
    it is simple but not every one would understand it the way you do 😐

    And No that wasn’t my saving plan

    And loans are much better than credit cards . y3ny even if you want 2000 kd , take it as a loan but don’t think about it as credit card Ela if you want to use it for internet or hotels or renting a car “with %100 payment” but for cash draw loans are much better ,

    And I wouldn’t call them idiots because they need helps and we wont help them in that way 😐

    About Paragraphs Inshallah don’t be angry :[

  3. Dodo says:

    yakhy its common sense, shino they need help? lazim we hold their hands oo wipe their butts 3ashan y7akmoon 3aglhom shway? oo you’re talking about a 25 year old! ya3ny mo yahil! ana at3ab nafseyan, how irrational and irresponsible 3yal deratna 9ayreen. mako mas2oleya kilish. oo bkil borood ygoolik about what he wants to do with the money. lo ana minik chan mn zman 6ardita mn maktiby. shhal takhalof!

    allah yaster 3ala hal deera ily kil malha tirja3 gery. itha hathol shabab, la bilah ri7na wi6y.

  4. Dodo says:

    shababna* sorry. ee ee ana m3a9ba shay jidan yza3il oo y7iz bilkha6ir.

  5. swera says:

    wallah wanasa!!! at least we have smth near to a flood 😛

  6. ba6alah says:

    Dodo : Yemken ma edresaw ma te3alemaw or they have family issues we will never know :/

    swera 😛

  7. Ali says:

    looooooool 3ejabtni hathi ” ‘3areg il’3argan akthar “

  8. msha3erha says:

    Mojarad so2al!! laish kel shababna (etha mo kelhom tara a3’labhom) 3alaihom 8oroo9′??
    Etha ma 3endek la te9ref!! wo if you really need money to do something really important like for marriage or buying a house ok do it but try to take it to it’s minimum not the other way around.

  9. bo6abesh says:

    this careless attitude 9ayer habba bel kuwait walla…many of people dont care about hot close thier loans..
    wa7da min motanaQethat el dera..
    one of the richest countries bel 3alam with more than 80% of the population having debts 🙂

  10. His says:

    Ashwa, no qarth….(yet)….so saving from the salary is working fine now.

  11. Maze says:

    bil6agag i dont care..if i didnt achieve my target and get fired will he look after me..so sell the loan to him! wallaaaaw ma bsaaaadiiiiii2 sho inta bteshtegel be jam3iyeh 5airiyeh :p

  12. zwena says:

    Enzain golela the saving plan :p

  13. ba6alah says:

    Ali : :p

    msha3erha : the problem is : they want everything without doing anything and they want it NOW! :/

    bo6abesh : etsadeg 3ad ent khaletny afaker eb fekra 3an hal moshkela ! :]

    His: Allah eytamem 3alaik inshallah :]

    MAZE : lakaan you can achieve your target but with awareness and he might bring for you more customers if he felt that he can trust you :]

    zwena : Inshallah I’ll write a post about it ;]

  14. lemon-aid says:

    kbart ib 3aini ib what u did zoqa!:P inzain sh9ar 3ala hal walad?

  15. ba6alah says:

    lemon-aid : madre he left my office saying thanks bas 3ady yay yoom thany makheth qarth 😛

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