Al MubaRkeya Economy

Posted: March 25, 2010 in Business

Yesterday I went with my friend to Souq LeMBarkeya Bel dera , to be honest I was hungry o eshtahait Aakel Eb one of Lembarkeya restaurants  “Meshawy o sheghel 3adel ” , And my friend told me “Tara Fee Mazaad Mesabee7 Emsh khal Ne6amash” I told him why not bedam a7na already there .

The above picture I took it before starting “Mesabee7 Auction” , And Now I will leave you with short clip :

“I uploaded This clip to Youtube Because I couldn’t upload it Directly to my Blog”

Talking About My Impression :

I was Thinking About it , And I felt it was just like our global economy but in smaller picture .

there is “A” who is offering the product “The guy who’s saying Information about el mesbaa7 with the start up price”  .

There is “B” = Buyers who start to give a higher price to buy some Items .

There is “C” = Sellers “As7ab el mesabee7” they want to gain money from selling their Items.

There is “D” = El Gahawy ely dar madar el bara7a “offering tea + coffee + Shesha” for the crowds .

So when “A” sell any item he get his commission which is about 5% from the selling price . And “B” might buy the item in good price “less than the market” And might resell it again in another time with profit .”C” the seller who’s gonna sell his Item will take his money after giving  “A”  5% commission for helping him in selling the item . And “D” El gahawy Estefadaw mn Tajamo3 elnas o ba3aw more tea’+ coffee + shesha .

Sure it doesn’t mean that Every body gonna win and be happy .

The seller might sell his Item in low price  “maybe he lost bel be3a but he need the money”

The buyer might buy an expensive Item and he might not be able to sell it again with higher price but if he was a collector he will be happy even if the price was high .

The guy who’s offering all the item might not be able to sell any of them And he wont get any commission + his voice ra7 3al fathy .

But El Gahawy will be Like the Joker he wont lose anything and he will win sowa’a Enba3 mesba7 or manba3 shay, cause no one wouldn’t order at least bottle of water .

P.S : One More Thing , There is “E” = Elnas Ely Malhom Da3y , they are not buyers or sellers and they didn’t drink anything from el gahawy , Mal Enkob 3alaihom gaz o na7reg’hom  “I’m Talking About Myself” :I

  1. swera says:

    I’d love to go and be one of those “E” bs a6amash but i guess the atmosphere doesnt allow it 😛

  2. ba6alah says:

    swera : Ohwa mad3os Eshway o kela shabab , but it will reminds you bel 60’s hehehe :]

  3. Her says:

    lol never knew there’s such thing bel q8… interesting:)

  4. msha3erha says:

    135 sheno?? Dinar??? :S
    5al ya36eeni eyahom bachayek my car :p loool

  5. ba6alah says:

    msha3erha : khallas el mara el yaya agola :R

  6. lemon-aid says:

    tawni adri ena ako auction 3ala misabee7:o

  7. ba6alah says:

    lemon-aid : eeh kelshay feh eb deratna 😛

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