yOur mOvie yOur Life

Posted: March 28, 2010 in Life

I went to cinema yesterday, I watched “Green Zone” it wasn’t bad, talking about Iraq War And how The government of Bush claimed that Iraq Got weapons of mass destruction and took it as excuse to invade it but later on they didn’t find anything. I will give “Green Zone” 7 out of 10 .

Anyways I’m the one who is responsible about down loading movies for dowaneya to watch it on Thursday and Friday ” so last Friday I went to Dowaneya with my movies But El Shabab were watching movie on MBC Action ! LA o shayfa ba3ad! so I told them “Hathy Faqrety Wana Masma7 Enkom Etbadon MBC Action 3ala My movie :r” So Qarart No Movies Anymore for shabab el dowaneya Ela Ba3ad ma Eyqadmonly E3tethaar Rasmy ma3a Tawthee7 asbab  el khalal Ely sar Wel Qasam 3ala 3adam Tekrarah mara Okhra Wa ELaa! Al MoQa6a3a!! :r

Feelings :

Don’t you feel that we are Directors and actors at the same time on a one long movie called ” Life” and we keep trying to change the script and change some of the  scenes to make it better but sometimes we make it worse.

If you have the same feelings it means That You Are Crazy! and you have to find Psychiatrist Call Dr MarWan Al-Mutawaa!! La J/K , If you  have the same feelings put in your mind it’s in your hand to choose the Ending of your movie “Life” so do You want Happy Ending or Sad one ?! :]

P.S : Sa7e7 Ena Aflamy Mo Emtarjema Laken mo Emga6a3a , Mo Yededa Wayed Laken Wath7a Jedan , Ely Yaby Tara el film eb 5 kd wel tawseel eb 10 kd o mawjod netham el ta’ajeer Wel zain 3endena wel shain 7awalena :r

  1. msha3erha says:

    Lool ana agool do estejwab 7ag el sha59 elli 7a6 3ala MBC action wo talli es7ab mennah el thega :p looool

    “P.S : Sa7e7 Ena Aflamy Mo Emtarjema Laken mo Emga6a3a ”

    Loooool no comment eb 9ara7a

  2. ba6alah says:

    msha3erha : Hatha ely beyseer !! Aw a7el majles el dowaneya eb kobra!

  3. swera says:

    no no no don’t fool us ba6alah . . . my movies are far beyond controlling :S

  4. ba6alah says:

    swera : la7ol , ok fine :p

  5. greak says:

    mbc action 3ad lo ShowMovies OK 😛

  6. ba6alah says:

    greak : sheft eshlon :/

  7. Sumaiah says:

    then my movie must be faulty, because i keep making the same mistake!

  8. ba6alah says:

    Sumaiah : lol you need to change the way you Act and you need to direct it in another way :]

  9. باخذ الفيلم بو 5 وسوي عليه كوبي وابيعه بربع :p

  10. dora says:

    i guess am trying now not to change the script ! am waiting for god to write it down for me 🙂 for the 1st time in my life i stop keep involving in my life script 🙂 Lets c what will happen next ! 😉

  11. um-mit3ib says:

    ana awafqik il ray

    latyeeblihom ay film gabel e3tithar rasmy!

    sayba ehe sayba??? ;p

  12. ba6alah says:

    رورو الشخبوطة : arfa3 qatheya !

    dora : Inshallah everything gonna be alright I know that :]

    um-mit3ib : kafo wallah ra7 athemech 7ag Takatoly , Takatol La Aflaam Yal Aflaam o ra7 aqadem estejwab be3enwan “Mn ba3ena berkhes betrab yenba3”

  13. Dalal (om 3azoz) says:

    LOL!!! I’ll pay KD5 for your movie 😉
    Even Ba6alah could be interesting.
    is Dr. Marawan still practicing? I miss him. :p

  14. ba6alah says:

    Dalal : Good! now I’m making money! I have clients who willing to pay 5 kd ;p , Yes for ba6alah ! 😛 No j/k :]

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