Are You Workaholic ?

Posted: March 29, 2010 in Business

Being ba6alah doesn’t mean I hate works but being workaholic means there is problem , I was reading Al Qabas news today and there is a study talking about the causes of workaholic , so I will leave you with part of it And I hope you are not workaholic :]

الإدمان على العمل هو مشكلة نفسية واجتماعية لها سمتان رئيسيتان: الأولى تتلخص بالعمل بشكل مجهد جداً، والثانية بشكل إلزامي!

هذا ما توصل إليه باحثون اسبان من خلال دراسة سلطت الضوء على الميزات السلبية للإدمان على العمل. ومن بين الأسباب التي قد تؤدي إلى الإدمان على العمل الخوف من مواجهة مشاكل مالية أو عائلية أو بسبب الضغط الاجتماعي والخشية من فقدان الوظيفة، والتنافس في سوق العمالة والحرص على بلوغ مستوى معين من النجاح وغير ذلك

More Info

One of the problems of “workaholism” is that it is hard to draw the line between a hard working person and a person addicted to work.
A hard-working person is the one who loves work, while workaholic is a person dependent on work, slave of work, he would like to give himself a rest, but he cannot.
Workaholic is not a person who likes to work since he/she was a child. This is a person having some psychological problems. A lazy person can become workaholic to hide himself at work from problems in the family. Fear of failure or of the Future, loneliness, or disability to communicate with other people can create psychological discomfort for this person.

P.S : I think most of the bankers are workaholic , Ansa7kom to be Ba6alah because Al Ba6alah Kanzon La Yofna La J/K , I mean take care of your health give yourself a rest And enjoy your life Eshwaya :] , The Above Picture is mE ! When I used to work , I know I know I’m handsome Thanks :r

  1. almostblogger says:

    nice study..bas men wain yenyab qoot elyoom..ya3ne men wain eyeeb elwa7ed el$$$$ etha mo meqteder

  2. msha3erha says:

    Hmmm I give my best under stress! does this means workaholism? I don’t know why but I really give more when I’m over loaded and I laugh more too :p lool eeh wallah I noticed enni a9’7ak wayed wo 3ala ayy shay etha 3endi wayed sho3’l a5al9ah loooool 9ij moshkellah nafseyyah as they said :p

    P.S: Ufffff ya waili ana eshkether waseem ent :$ tetzawajni? looooool

  3. ba6alah says:

    almostblogger : you have to work but that doesn’t mean to be workaholic .

    msha3erha : ashkara workaholic Allah eykon ef 3onech , ana makh6oob 7ag 3aysha el mar6a ;]

  4. swera says:

    hell NO!!! ME comes 1st then work but i worry alot! what if i did smth wrong! what if i messed up smth! what if i didnt lock my desk (i hv money inside :S )! and that’s killing me:/

  5. gamrah says:

    mashallah teshbah sharok khan ;P

  6. ba6alah says:

    msha3erha :E

    swera la7ol mo zain chethy

    gamrah eeh tara nafs haykala el 3athmy :I

  7. wazkait says:

    ana a7ib asawi my work in the perfect way ;p w if i start doing it cant stop leen akhl9a ;p

  8. ba6alah says:

    wazkait : hrm then maybe you are %50 workaholic :]

  9. Maze says:

    ee wallah 9ij we are workaholics !!

  10. ba6alah says:

    Maze : Allah eykon ef 3onkom 😐

  11. Dalal (om 3azoz) says:

    I used to be a banker and was misrable! until I became ba6alah and I don’t miss it at all!!! 🙂

  12. ba6alah says:

    Dalal : unfortunately I might go back for a while to the miserable situation :I

  13. lemon-aid says:

    i am a workaholic bss mu in a “job” ya3ni magdar ag3ad fathya lazm asawii shay work or any other thing:/

  14. ba6alah says:

    lemon-aid ee that’s normal :]

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