Every Day Is a Test

Posted: March 30, 2010 in Life

I got bad news And I think if I want to write about it I wont stop till tomorrow . Yesterday I got S.m.S ” Dear sir , I’m sorry to inform you that your project has been rejected” the sender was “assistant vice president of Kamco”, Anyways I felt disappointment After Eight months of being ba6alah I didn’t make it, After three months from year 2010 I couldn’t see except the last three digits of the year .

Laken Ared o Agool Ma Bankeser Saber Ya Rashed ;] ,facing problems will make me expert in dealing with them and it will make me stronger 3ala golat el akh “Kanya West” . Ali Bn Em7amad Eygol “La Tendam 3ala Ma Faat” Wel Tha3lab fat fat o fe Delo sabe3 lafat “La J/K” I’m just trying to be positive ;]

*Every day is a test, yes . I try hard But I’m struggling  with every breath “2pac”

P.S : Ace of Base “Life Is Flower”  Wallah Entay el Warda! , this song reminds me bel Ayam el khawaly early 90’s when I was 12 or 13 years old I loved ely etGhany o kent 7a6 efbaly Eny etha kobart Atzawajha , Bas el7een Hawant :r

  1. Soloistah says:

    Oh…. I’m really sorry to hear that, Ba6alah. But i really admire your attitude toward the problem. Congratulation on having such a great view of things.

  2. shaba9a says:

    shda3wa hawant :p lol i wanted to marry ash from pokemon xD
    oh well u cant give up now right =D
    “keep holding on” avril xP

  3. swera says:

    never ever give up!!! o sha5baryyy ace of base 😛

  4. ba6alah says:

    Soloistah : Thanks :]

    shaba9a : sUre ;]

    swera : ee wallah shakhbary hehehe

  5. Ali says:

    5eera enshalla 🙂

  6. ba6alah says:

    Ali : Inshallah :]

  7. msha3erha says:

    Inshallah 5air shed 7ailek wo shoof 3’airhom 😀
    wo akeed bethawen ma tabeeha damek makh6oob 7ag madri shesemha :Pp

  8. Maze says:

    gheiro a7san minno…u’ll achieve your goals when ur determined to!

  9. Shwaish says:

    im sorry babes, yalla inshala il chance ili waraha itkon a7san. and also laih matabeeha? lah hawant? shes pretty

  10. QuestionQ8 says:

    khera inshalla !;)
    wa 3asa takraho shay2an an yakon khairan lakom

  11. ba6alah says:

    msha3erha : hehehe Inshallah :]

    Maze : Sure

    Shwaish : la khalas ekbarat sarat 3ajooz :p

    QuestionQ8 : Yeah :]

  12. Dalal (om 3azoz) says:

    Wallah ‘7eera! Do you remember what I told you before? Get your funding from somewhere else instead of KAMCO.
    Easy come Easy go… 😉 As you said Patience is good! Life is hard and unfair. Chin up!

  13. ba6alah says:

    Dalal : yeah but it’s not only about funding , they have many benefits , o Inshallah every thing gonna be fine , Thanks :]

  14. Pisces Chick says:

    Best of luck inshallah
    I ❤ Ace of Base =)

  15. ba6alah says:

    Pisces Chick : Thanks :]

  16. gamrah says:

    Sheno your project? I know people that want to invest in young kuwaiti’s businesses e3yezaw ydawroon, if interested email me

  17. ba6alah says:

    gamrah : it’s not a small business project it cost about 150 thousands and maybe more .

  18. gamrah says:

    if it is a good project that they see has potential then ee laish laa

  19. lemon-aid says:

    wee lol wrong comment in the wrong post:P laa inshallah have hope oo u will do it!!!

  20. ba6alah says:

    gamrah : need feasibility study o real hard work I can’t do it if I have another job so with Kamco or another small business company they would give me salary o benefits which can’t be afford if I did it alone or with another people .

    lemon-aid : 7adech emthay3a 😛

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