New Bank Policy

Posted: April 4, 2010 in Business

I don’t know whats the problem , I used to wake up in the morning doing things that I want to do but yesterday I came from dowaneya I couldn’t sleep early maybe because I was watching “Jalsat Majles el Omah” on , Ana no3y andemej eshwaya eb hal sowalef :r .

Anyways I heard about new banks policy and it says If you want to resign from your job the notification period must be 3 months. Eshlon y3ny!! Balah el wa7ed legala wathefa ! el wathefa el thanya ra7 tan6era 3 months !? , La and it says “Etha 6ela3taw gabel three months” you have to pay three months salary !! , eshlon yedfo3on rawateb 7ag moda ma eshtaghlaw feha! Anyways I will upload the new policy of kuwait local banks here in my blog as soon as I get it .

P.S : Ana o6aleb eb naqaba 7ag mowathafen el bonok , wana agthebha bedon moqabel eshtabon ba3ad? modeer mo.asasat el sa3ada mo a7san meny , wentaw a7aq bel sa3ada le’ankom etwajhon el ta3asa mo3tham el waqt ! Wa Shokran :r

  1. Jacqui says:

    Actually this is qanoon el 3amal everywhere now in the private companies. But in banking if you work in Retail most banks will waive that 3 month waiting period especially if you work with customers because you will be going to another bank therefore the second you resign you will be banned from enterring the bank the main reason would be so you don’t steal contacts of high profit customers and take them with you to the new place.

    Also if you have a contract that specifies how long your termination notice is then you are not tied to the 3 months notice period (i.e. mine says 1 month notice period) so I will not be charged for the 3 months.

    Hope that cleared a few things 😀

  2. ba6alah says:

    Jacqui : yeah I know that but it’s not right! wely ebye6la3 o 3enda offer shino eythamna hal offer ra7 yobga weyah three months! and talking about contracts i have insider information about Al-Tijari bank claiming that all employees have to sign the new contracts with three months notifications with no exceptions.

    and I know more than four persons signed the new contract o qasben 3alaihom mo 6eeb menhom

    o b3dain shino y3ny etha 6ela3t gabel el three months notification yenkhesem menek rawateb three months !! o mawjood bel 3aqd el yedeed I will put it in my blog bas khal yosaly inshallah .

    And Thanks for your comment :]

  3. shaba9a says:

    is that a bad thing? i dont get it

  4. ba6alah says:

    shaba9a : Inshallah when you graduate you will know how bad it is :p , but i hope things will be better at your time :p

  5. توقعت البوست عن البنك الشرق الاوسط 🙂


  6. ba6alah says:

    رورو الشخبوطة : hehehe la kel el bonook , you welcome :]

  7. Jacqui says:

    LOL Tijari is the worst of the bunch so it figures but in my bank we are not obligated to sign new contracts and there are ways to waive it but if you’re talking about Tijari then they will try their worst to get more money out of u :s

  8. ba6alah says:

    Jacqui : ee wallah eb hathy sej Allah ey3enhom ely yeshtaghlon there :/

  9. msha3erha says:

    Hmmm laish el banks 8awaneenhom a93ab shay fee el 8e6a3 el 5a9? Hmmm Allah y3een el bankers!

  10. ansam518 says:

    Three months is really long notification period! Its not just in Bank…. if I am not mistaken!

  11. MAZE says:

    interesting post i’ll stick to my job lol

  12. swera says:

    It all depends on your contract with your employer! some uses qanon el3ama l o some they hv their own laws and bla bla bla like mine!

    o elma3ash mal el 3 months hatha etha tefanasht, ur employer has to pay u 3 months badal ma3ash wala shay chethi coz faneshok 😛

  13. greak says:

    Ba6alah FTW , and yes the pun is intended -_-

  14. ba6alah says:

    msha3erha : ohma nafs el shay bas el bonok yethgho6on 3al mowathafen akthar .

    ansam518 : yeah !

    MAZE : 3ash banker :r

    swera : no el moseba el qanon el yedeed ya teg3eden 3 months as notification period or you gonna pay for this three months !.

    greak : :/

  15. lemon-aid says:

    menha lil2arda =P

  16. ba6alah says:

    lemon-aid : mesakeen :/

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