Robot Control

Posted: April 9, 2010 in Life

Can we act like robots , controlling our feelings in several situations !? I think Japanese are the closest humans to robots and that’s because they are workaholic , but even Japanese commit suicide because they used to work like robots and they don’t have social lives , I think sometimes expressing our feelings is good and help us to balance  our souls in life but that doesn’t mean to over react. I don’t know why for some people it’s easy to be sad but hard to be happy , we like to be happy but do we like to feel sad !? I think a lots of people like to have that feeling maybe because they get more care when they be sad !? for example Kids like to cry when they don’t get what they want and that is their trick to get what they want and also old women/men like to use illness or sadness tricks to attract their children or people around them .

I’ll leave you now with the robot boys Nick and Jeppe “Winners of Talent 2008 Denmark” I really Enjoyed the way they dance :

P.S : I think I’m gonna make show “Kuwaitis Got Talent”  , a7es ra7 yenja7 el barnamaj , bas Mr.hayef o shelat el malalwa ra7 Eyhasteron 3alaina :r

  1. lemon-aid says:

    yalla ana a9eer your co-host bl show =P

  2. msha3erha says:

    Well, I don’t like to be a robot :S sheno mako sho3’l?!!! mako feelings?!!!

  3. ba6alah says:

    lemon-aid : khalas done bas bedon moqabel “mako rateb – wala mokafa’at” ekfaya ra7 adakhlech bawabat el shohra :p

    msha3erha : shaklech mageraitay el post 3adel :[

    • msha3erha says:

      I did :S but didn’t like the idea of controlling our feelings. I like controlling anger but being a Japanese or a robot is not my choice 😉 wo I don’t comment 3ala el titles only don’t worry looool

  4. ba6alah says:

    msha3erha : lol zain Ashwa

  5. Sumaiah says:

    i used to think that i’m a human robot and so did most of the people i know, but i realized that i’m nearing a nervous breakdown thus i can’t be a robot!:p
    that’s a show that i wont even dare to watch, because it will be full of cookes and photographers and whatever the new habba is! it annoyes me how much people are acting more like wannabes and less like individuals!

  6. ba6alah says:

    Sumaiah : lol khalehom 3ala ra7at’hom :p

  7. lemon-aid says:

    min doon rateb?:[ maynfa3! lazm 2 in 1

  8. ba6alah says:

    lemon-aid : khalas ra7 atwasa6lech :[

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