Blind Man Want to Wear lenses

Posted: April 16, 2010 in Politics

Once upon a time , A man Want to be The Smartest, He want to achieve without a single practice, He hold his hand praying to be the fastest, In leading the world with magic stick of plastic, He should look out of the Box or the basket But he came up with An Idea that he need to wear a good quality contact lenses .

poor man he forgot that he is blind and weak “he might die” didn’t notice that he need to fix his eye . Do you want to know the name of the person I’m talking about ?! well I’m talking about our love   “Kuwait” .

Kuwait o khe6at el tanmeya => madenat 7areer o qe6araat o jeser bobyaan o jam3aat wa7na 7ata el kahraba lel7en ta6fy 3alaina. Kuwait just like a Blind man want to wear contact lenses :]

P.S : I removed my contact lenses and turned off the lights trying to sleep but after 20 mins of shaqlaba in bed I couldn’t sleep gelt khal agoom. the best part is ==> gabel la aba6el el letat lebast natharty chan astaw3eb “eshfeny lebast el nathara gabel la aba6el el letat y3ny ballah bashof el thalma awtha7 ?! :E  o Mn ehny Nezal 3alaiy el wa7y o ketabt el post :r

  1. swera says:

    does this wa7y comes often at night?! coz u for sure right in this post 🙂

  2. ba6alah says:

    swera : sometimes at night o sometimes morning mala 7aza 😀

  3. Sumaiah says:

    Kuwait is a fetus in a hostile womb, it can’t grow and prosper without hormone treatment and supplements (knowledge and qualifications).
    Loool that’s me trying to be the female ba6alah, what do you think!:p

  4. msha3erha says:

    Wallah mani 3arfah shagoolek cus you’re right! and I’m not in the mood 3ashan a7allel akthar mn chethi… magool 3’air :
    Allah ygawmich besalama ya Kuwait ..

  5. ba6alah says:

    Sumaiah : 3adel 3adel mentay haynaa :p

    msha3erha : ee wallah 😐

  6. shaba9a says:

    not fair, i want that kind of wa7y, i only get wa7y for studying.. once a year maybe twice..
    and you are totally right! chuf wen kena oo wen serna.. tsk tsk tsk..

  7. Pisces Chick says:

    I recommend LASIK eye surgery 😉

  8. ba6alah says:

    shaba9a : lol zain ka eyech 7ag el study eshtaben ba3ad ?! :]

    Pisces Chick : ee wallaah yabela 😐

  9. Shwaish says:

    7abait “shaqlaba in bed” hehehe

  10. ba6alah says:

    Shwaish : hehehe ;]

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