New Business ideas

Posted: April 20, 2010 in Business

More New Business Ideas might Inspire you :

Domino’s recruits fans to sell its pizza :

A Domino’s Pizza web widget lets consumers serve as marketeers for the brand through social networking pages and blogs. In return they get a commission on any orders placed through their pages.


Crowd sourcing site helps publishers find new authors :

Writers submit 10 pages of a prospective novel to TenPages. Readers can then buy shares in the idea. If enough money is raised, the book will be funded, and shareholders will get a percentage of royalties.


buy a bottle of wine and donate clean water :
Food & beverage / Non-proft, social cause / RetailOnline wine vendor CellarThief promises that for every
bottle they sell, they will fund the provision of 100 days’ worth of clean water to those who need it.


Florist provides a photographic guarantee :

To enhance transparency and guarantee that flowers orderedonline match what people see on their website, Roses Are Red sends purchasers a photo of the very bouquet they ordered.


And Now I’ll leave you with Three Weapons For Entrepreneurs :

1- Go on a Treasure Hunt and Find an Under served Niche .

2- Buck the Conventional Wisdom .

3- Spot a New Trend and Pounce .


P.S : 2moro I have Interview I think I’m gonna back to work , should I change my blog name ?! :I

  1. msha3erha says:

    1st idea: Helping the world to become fatter and fatter ;S mo zain

    2nd idea: I liked this (y) feeha ebda3 wo fayda at the same time for all parties

    3rd idea: Loooolz ;Pp nmasheeha 3a9eer instead of wine ;Pp

    4th idea: Not new! I’m dealing with a flower shop which sends me a photo before sending the bouquets. He is not offering this service if you didn’t ask for it though!

    P.S. Mabrook & good luck 😀 and no don’t change it, it has a unique title 😉 you can sell it one day lol ;Pp

  2. ba6alah says:

    1st : Yeah you are right , but I’m talking about a new selling concept ;]

    2nd : mE agree

    3rd : la ma tamshy ela eb wine ;E

    4th : yeah he did it because you asked but this shop providing this service for every one.
    you added for him a new Idea but he didn’t see it or recognize how it might help him in selling more flowers, Always know what your customer want and listen carefully to them because they might give you an inspiring idea to sell more products .

    Thanks I think I wont change it but I might sell it ! La J/K ;]

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  4. zwena says:

    makent atshamat i was waiting for the plan @@

  5. ba6alah says:

    zwena : ay plan ? 😐

  6. zwena says:

    the saving plan :O

  7. ba6alah says:

    zwena : oh a7aseb it wasn’t interesting subject , khalas i will post about it inshallah :]

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