Save Your Money Please

Posted: April 21, 2010 in Business

Are you planning to save or Saving to plan !? Either the 1st one or the second one you have to know that you must save some money for something you are planning for or for something you wouldn’t expect “illness , car accidents , educations …” In my point of view there is three ways of saving :

1- Easy save : this kind of save is the easiest one , and every one can do it , deducting 10% from your salary is a very good way for long term savers , let’s say your salary is 1000 kd , open saving A/C without Atm card and transfer 100 kd monthly within a year you will have more than 1200 “saving a/c = interest” then you can put it in fixed deposit “some banks have fixed deposits with minimum balance 1000 kd”  , it’s not a big amount but you will feel more secure and happy, controlling your financial  matters.

2- moderate save : this is for people who are more serious in saving and that’s mean they want to save more than the easy way .  deducting %30 of your salary it wont hurt you that much , if you are working in the private sector transfer your social allowance “da3m el 3amala” to another A/C in another bank “without Atm card” , don’t make standing order because it will cost you 2 k.d or more every month .

3- Aggressive : Wow , We are talking about serious issue here , this kind of person want to do hardcore save! first thing to do is know how much do you spend from your salary monthly and why do you spend that much ! , A lot of people at the end of the month they empty their balance and they keep wondering “wallah madre eshlon leflos 6arat! ma sharait shay!” well make a list of the most important things like “Banzeen it cost me 5 kd a week = 20 kd a month , laundry cost me 30 kd a month , and so on … ” then you will know that you need lets say 150 kd for the important things . wait hold on  I didn’t finish yet , there is something really serious you should know about it ! control yourself ! I mean when we go to jam3eya to buy something like bottle of water “cost 100 fills” we end up buying 7alaw o kakaw o kharabe6 faj’ah le7sab 5 or 10 kd , 5 kd daily = 150 kd! that’s equals your important things And maybe more if you were addicted to Starbucks!. now after knowing your important things in your list you can deduct the rest of your salary and transferring it to your saving account .

If you have Loan or Credit Cards :

pay more than your regular installment and try to close your loan or credit card as soon as you can “deduct the Extra money from your easy, moderate or aggressive  saving plan and pay more for your loan  ” you would be shocked that your loan period will be a really shorter than before + paying less interest”.

If you Are married and have Kids :

You can make a saving plan for Your kids with a really easy way you don’t have to be aggressive or moderate just deduct %5 from your salary and let your wife/husband deduct the same percentage of his/her salary lets say %5 = 25 kd that’s mean 50 kd monthly “You + Wife/husband” it’s like paying eshterak showtime or internet :] , when your kid grow up and reach 18 years old, his account will reach more than 11000 kd and that’s really good amount didn’t cost you any hard efforts .

P.S : Saving few amounts doesn’t mean you gonna be rich but by the time you will sure be satisfied, feel more secure and well prepared for the black days or the good future investment plans . Entahat 7esat el Eqtesaad el quiz lesbo3 elyaay 😛 , oh and about my interview today I refused the job . :]

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  2. zwena says:


    so ba6alaa still 😛

  3. ba6alah says:

    zwena : yeah , ha etshaghlony 3endekom ?! tara ma akheth wayed o yemken afedkom mo akeed :I

  4. swera says:

    when u hv a father or a grandfather to pay for everything, then u don’t need to save money unless u’re planning to hv a family 🙂

  5. ba6alah says:

    swera : yes but your father or grandfather wont live forever and you gonna be more happy when you have some responsibility

  6. ba6alah says:

    swera : but without responsibility you gonna destroy all what they made ;p and responsibility will make you happy in indirect way ;]

  7. Sumaiah says:

    once apon a time i managed to save a 1000kd off of my e3ana (enjaz concedering that it’s a 100kd!) but then i went on a 2 day trip to el5obar and bahrain and spent it all on my sisters and brothers gifts! bs yestahloon 7abaybe:)
    and i know that i have a huge problem with impulsive buying but for some reason don’t like to buy stuff for me as much as i like buying gifts!

  8. ba6alah says:

    Sumaiah : akeed yestahlon allah eykhalehom lech inshallah :] good to know you care about people more than yourself I hope all people can act the way you do .

  9. greak says:

    pretty good ideas dude

  10. msha3erha says:

    I’m a planner, so to save my money I have a saving account + I don’t carry my visa cards in my wallet wala 7atta cash bestethna2 mabla3′ mo3ayen yakfeeni and it works 😀

    Regarding the job, Good luck!

  11. ba6alah says:

    greak Thanks :]

    msha3erha : ma yenkhaf 3alaich :p

  12. Noon says:

    Allah! Smart.. thank u for sharing those tips..

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