Tv or Business whats The difference

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Business

I’m not a fan of reality shows or mini series , I didn’t see “lost – prison break – hero’s – big brothers – American Idol etc..” But one reality show I couldn’t stop watching it and I’m searching now for season two but didn’t find good torrent yet. This reality show about 4 business men and a business women who are searching for the best business opportunities “of course they are millionaires” and every episode talk about 5 or 6 entrepreneurs  who have business “Idea – product – venture” and trying to convince the 5 millionaires in their Idea and invest their money in it .

lets say I have a good Idea or small business , I just go there and try to persuade them to invest with me in order to have more cash for expansion and powerful business partners who would lead me through their relations and experience to grow faster, helping me to get my project on the right path . but it requires to get them as a partners to answer  “why do I have a good business opportunity, Why I’m asking for that amount, what is my business plan and why would my business be successful. it’s really hard to convince them in your project they are really sharks wouldn’t give you any money without a big return and wouldn’t buy your words they want to see numbers . the reality show called “Shark Tank” . :]

Business is like Tv channel , attracting more viewers “customers”  by giving different shows – mini serious – news –  etc . ” it’s like several products in business perspective ”   both of them”Tv & Business” have remote control and it’s in the consumer hand but they begging you to not turn the channel “not to buy another product”  And if the consumers are not interested  in your business it will simply die “The Tv Channel will close and shutdown” .

P.S : I didn’t want to post today bas ketabt cham kelma faj’ah 6ela3 weyay post hal kobor , Asef el mara el yaya ra7 akhteser 3ashan ma athaye3 wagtkom :r .

  1. DreamerGal says:

    Heyyyy, you’re not “wasting our time”, at least, not my time. I like long posts; especially yours.

    And i agree, it’s hard to persuade others of a certain business idea; you must make it stand out and contain something that others don’t.

  2. ba6alah says:

    DreamerGal : Thanks :] , yeah that’s right

  3. limewire says:

    shoot fun story man.

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