Stop Please

Posted: April 29, 2010 in Life

I’m not asking you to stop , I’m telling my self . Every time I smoke a cigarette I start thinking , why I’m doing this to my self and I start thinking of the person who made that bad thing b3dain I start think again of old Idea I had in my mind “I always think of it” I wish I were doctor so that I can create a healthy cigarette that doesn’t harm our lungs or hearts , Is it that hard to create such a product ? I swear it will Add a real value to people life.The number of smokers increasing here in kuwait and the ministry of health don’t give a damn about that indicator. I hope one day I’ll quit smoking , I really hate it but keep doing it . One more thing I start smoking when I was 22 years old , You want to know the reason?! I have no reason balasht bas chethy le3eb, sedag ely gal ” bedayat’ha dala3 o akhrat’ha wala3″ Bas Inshallah Neg6a3ha , So don’t you ever come closer to that habit .

P.S : You might wonder who’s the one in the above picture !? He’s My Unborn child praying for me to quit smoking :r

  1. msha3erha says:

    First of all, Inshallah teg6a3! Tara mo shay tadri eshkether t9’erek wo ba3ad mestemer!!

    (I swear it will Add a real value to people life) what value could a harmless cigarette add to our lives? ma fahamt!!

    wo 3ala salfat ur unborn child ;Pp mo 9iiiiiiij looool al7een hatha weld mortek elshaina?? loooool akeed yshabhek 3ayal ;Pp looooool

  2. DreamerGal says:


    I hope with all my heart that you would fully be able to stop such a thing; insha’allah.

    Maybe start by directing your attention towards hobbies, being with friends, reading, going for a walk, etc.

    Insha’allah you’d be quitting it in not time=)

  3. DreamerGal says:

    I mean in *no* time.

  4. shaba9a says:

    yabeela erada to quit smoking or someone to keep you away from smoking ya3ne u need someone on ur side to quit, or maybe u just need a reason to stop.. its bad 9ij 😦 poor kuwaitis 😦
    good luck, and why is ur child blonde? LOL

  5. ba6alah says:

    msha3erha : ana qasdy etha ekhtar3aw zegara se7eya mo motherah it will add value 😛 , about my unborn child eh tegderen etgolen morty shaina bas shagra :p

    DreamerGal : mo hathy elmoshkela being with friends make you smokes :p

    shaba9a : ee wallah 😦 , about my child ana sabegh sha3ra 😛

  6. DreamerGal says:

    Omg tara that’s what I initially thought; that maybe the friends you’re with make you do that, but then I erased it from my mind…

    You need motivation; and an incentive!

  7. ba6alah says:

    DreamerGal : ba3ad feh a7ad ma eydakhen hal ayaam ? ana atwaqa3 law wezarat el se7a e6ale3 e7sa’eyat 3an 3adad el smokers el 3omom ra7 yensedem :I , motivation mawjood bas lel’asaf bedon incentive hehehehe :p

  8. DreamerGal says:

    ee walla, true,; you got a point, everyone, anyone is smoking nowadays :/

    I’ll give you the motivation; you just name when and where=D

  9. Pisces Chick says:

    You know it’s amazing how you realized this by yourself .. I wish you best of luck to quit smoking and here are 20 quick tips to help you quit:


  10. ba6alah says:

    DreamerGal : Ma fehamt about motivation 😐

    Pisces Chick : Thanks a lot! I’ll try to follow the tips and I hope it will be helpful :]

  11. DreamerGal says:

    I mean that if you need any help towards getting there; achieving your goal, just ask! =P

  12. ba6alah says:

    DreamerGal : oh I start losing hope in that matter hehehe Thanks :]

  13. Shwaish says:

    awwwww 😦 i quit smoking, bass replaced it with sheesha, so i dnt know if it counts, but i did, and so can u

  14. Yousef says:

    Inshalla you will stop smoking I’m sure of it 😉
    they sell at the pharmacy’s a cigarettes work on battery and emit non smell steam, they say its effective for quitting, the price is around 45-50 KD. you should try it. 😀

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