Iron mE

Posted: April 30, 2010 in Random

I Just came from Cinema! I saw Iron man 2 , it was good I will give it 7 out of 10, I like The Actor ! And I feel law kent Hollywood star I would be just as good as him :r “So 3endekom was6a eb Hollywood ? Wela lazem akalem 3otho majles oma ?” Anyways fe laq6a mn el laq6at they didn’t cut it I think law Mr.Hayef yadre 3anha chan estakhaf ,the scene was about a women changing her clothe in the car o her bra 6ela3 so faj’ah el shabab gamaw eysafgoon bas zain wallah ma ga6aw ga6aat malha da3y kal 3ada “Bas Ana ga6ait ga6a eb soot 3aly!!                   La tara ga3ed Atqashmar :r “Anyways I just had a thought that if I didn’t stop smoking I’m gonna make a heart just like the Iron man heart, And I might build his suit , it’s good to breath fresh air from time to time so I might “Iron mE” :p~ .

P.S : If I had that suit I would fly to the space Adegly Zegara 3ala kawkab mn el kawakeb legreba o ared 3ashan ma alaweth jaw deratna “Tara Wagfa 3ala Zegarty!” :r

  1. greak says:

    ana madry meta bashofa :\

  2. Faith says:

    wow.. So all in all you’d be a completely different super man if you just didn’t smoke?

    How many times you’ve tried to quit?

  3. msha3erha says:

    5osh titel 😉 I didn’t watch it but I guess I know the kind of suits you’re taking about ;p

    At5ayal yjeek elelham 3ashan post ydeed wo ent 3ala kawkab thani… eshra7 tbadde3?!! looool :p

  4. HAMAD says:

    looool ashwa fee a7ad ghairee la7ath hal shay 😛 o ham lema re7t ashoofa the guys went wooohooooo about that lagh6a lol

    zain la7agna 3alaiha gabel la tenge6e3 looool

  5. ba6alah says:

    greak : tawa nazel besmelaah :]

    Faith : hrm , two times 😀 , but I keep thinking i should quit , i want 2 Quit , I have to quit . :I

    msha3erha : oh ! mn sejech ! 3ala kawkab thany e7temal ma yamdeny akteb shay kelsa3 nazel 3alaiy wa7y mo ma36eny facha 7ata akteb 😛

    HAMAD : hehehehe elmafroth ma tenge6e3 o aslan people will get use to this kind of scenes .

  6. shaba9a says:

    they should rate the movies not cut them -.- right? i mean adults want to see an uncutted movie in the cinema 5o its not their fault that kids wanna watch the movie too right? not that im an adult though :p im just saying ena :p heheh

  7. ba6alah says:

    shaba9a : I agree with you :]

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