Real Vampires

Posted: May 7, 2010 in Random

I was reading AlQabas News about story happened in New Zealand :

وجهت الى رجلين وامرأة في نيوزيلندا تهمة عض رجل وشرب دمه، الأمر الذي أدى الى وفاته.
ومثل كل من جايمس بروك (22 سنة) وكسينيا بوريشفسكي (19 سنة) أمس أمام محكمة ولينغتون فيما صدرت مذكرة توقيف في حق جايمس اور (19 سنة) في إطار الوقائع التي جرت في فبراير في العاصمة النيوزيلندية

Al Qabas News

I think New Zealand don’t know in our country there is a lot of vampires sucking our land blood with no mercy or worry and if nobody stopped them our country will die soon without any sympathies , our vampires are unique you may wonder how ?! well you can see them day and night not only in the dark, hunting and going around searching for the best prey.

Talking About vampires, the best movie I ever saw for vampires  ” Abdulaziz Almusalam => Al Bait Al Maskoon” LA J/K :] “Underworld Part 1, 2 And 3” you should see all the parts if you didn’t like any part just tell me o Aredlekom efloskom la et7aton :r


P.S : Would you like to be a vampire ? :E , well not me I’ll stick with Iron mE plan :r

  1. swera says:

    yesss i looove vampires and i’ve always had this imagination beign in love with a real vampire lol 😛 bs 7asafa mako hehe

  2. ba6alah says:

    swera : lol 7asafa hehehe :p

  3. msha3erha says:

    I read that news and was like yuck ;S bs wa7ed menhom maskeen gal ma sherabna damah bs 3a9’enah l2n t7arash eb rfeejatna looool and ana maby akoon vampire wo a9eer mn a97ab el dema2 elbarda ;p loool

    Anyways, our vampires merrta7een wo 7a6een their hands eb maaaai bared ashkara m77ad gader 3alaihom ;S

  4. shaba9a says:

    lol they are not real vampires, they’re just mentally sick thats all :p
    and the best vampire movie i saw is probably twilight heheh xD

  5. ba6alah says:

    msha3erha : eeh khalech mn as7ab al dema2 al zarqaa2 a7san :p .

    shaba9a : I know :E . about Twilight you have to see underworld b3dain 7okmay :I

  6. ENGINEER A says:

    3aaad ana hal vampires ma awa6enhom wala ashtehehom o asta’3reb mn ba3’9 el girls ellee yaboon fall in love with wa7ed menhom! 🙂

    ellee 3araftah ena gabel fee mara’9 y5alee 9a7bah yt3a6ash leldam o y7es enah me7taj yshrab blood aw sha’3lah chethee o ba3dain 6awerooh el movies o 9araw el vampires eb hal 9orah ;P

  7. ba6alah says:

    ENGINEER A : lol bas chethy tara eygolon 7achy enhom yabon fall in love with a vampire bas wagt el sejeya etha shafooh ey3atheth eb hal bashar beyhawnoon :p , And about the story of vampires it start with Count dracula for more details :

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