Right Or Wrong

Posted: May 9, 2010 in Life, Politics

Do you know what’s right or what’s wrong ?! I think all people have principles but what’s right for you is not right for everyone, I resigned from my job hoping to find my path to achieve my goals ” I didn’t achieve Any yet but I see a very far light showing me the right path hoping to reach it” for many people what I did is wrong and they might be right but I see myself => I’m right and might be wrong in some of my attitudes. People used to study together “boys and girls” you might see it right others might see it wrong, Do you listen to music ?! Do you watch movies ? Do you love fashions ? you might look at this things as a beautiful way for entertain but others might see it a way to reach the hell and feel pain. Everyone came from different backgrounds and see things in different ways that’s mean what looks right for you doesn’t mean right for others. Right Or wrong is just two words you can use it whenever you want to defend your principles but it doesn’t mean your right is my right and my wrong is yours because principles might change  by the time And I can fill my post with a lot of examples. Right or wrong is a point of view, your “right & wrong list” might be right but also might be wrong. ” I hope you did get what I mean”

P.S : Radatly 7alat el falsafa mekhalef te7amelony :r .

  1. Soloistah says:

    Lol, no no, actually i agree with you in every point.
    Well said Ba6alah 🙂

  2. ba6alah says:

    Soloistah : Zain Ashwa 🙂 , Thanks :]

  3. Shwaish says:

    LOL 3ade tifalsaf bass i agree with u, and i had to learn to stop imposing my right and wrong list on people, and also what u did seems brave to me, inshala u reach ur goal sooner than later

  4. ba6alah says:

    Shwaish : Inshallah , Thanks :]

  5. F. J. Bliss says:

    Well said! It all goes back to ones principals, beliefs and background.

    you totally make a good point.

  6. ba6alah says:

    F. J. Bliss : Thanks :]

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