Our Kids & Their Kids

Posted: May 14, 2010 in Politics

Everyone heard about the kid who stabbed other student with knife & killed him , If you want to know more about the story \”Click Here\” , What I want to say is why we failed again to teach our kids how to relieve their anger without causing any damages ? our statistics shows violence is increasing in kuwait schools and I think the problem come first from the family and second from the ministry of education because both of them are responsible  to educate our kids in better/best ways but unfortunately we see parents attacking doctors in hospitals and attacking teachers in schools so how could they be the best role model for their kids ?! we see ministry of education doesn’t care  about the education, We see our parliament members attacking each other with bad words showing their muscles in aggressive way. We can’t blame our kids if they become violent because the best role model they can see is ===> the worst. Wain Lajnat el Thawaher el Salbeya 3an Hal shay ely ga3ed eyseer fel medares ?! Wela bas fal7en Yantheron 7ag el mar’ah Enha makhloq Jensy lazem naqtelah 3ashan na7meeh mn el wo7osh el bashareya 3ala el 3elm Enhom mn Akbar el wo7osh el bashareya besabab nathrat’hom el sa67eya lel mar’ah o man3hom le ay 3elaqa se7eya bain el rajol wel mar’ah.

Anyways The above picture about :

تلميذان مدرسة ابتدائية في سيئول يتمرنان على تدريبات السلامة التي يجب اتباعها في حال حدوث زلزال

AlQabas News


P.S : A7es after 30 years Lesaan sha3ab leq8 ra7 eykon nafs maq6a3 Da3ayat Zain “Adrakto 7aqan Ba3da Thalek Anana 3an el 7aqeqaty Qad Osebna Bel 3ama”  Laken Atmana Ena Nadrek el 7aqeqa eb wagt agrab mn 30 sena or Ba3ad 30 sena Akon sharait Zain eb koberha o thek el sa3a mo ela a7ad yadrek el 7aqeqa 😛 “J/K”

  1. msha3erha says:

    Wallah ya ba6alah 7a6ait yadek 3ala eljar7!! salfat el9bay t3awer elgalb ;( yahhal wo ysawoon chethi 3ayal maloom shabab eljam3a thak elyoum ebyethb7oon ba3a9′ 3ala ubo hatha mokana fee elsequare wo la tag3edoon feeh!!!

    Allah yaster 3ala ajyalna eljayah ;S

  2. msha3erha says:

    I commented bs ma 6ela3 ;S ma feeni a3eedah ;p bs bagoolek allah yaster mn elli yaiii

  3. ba6alah says:

    msha3erha : ka 6ela3 your comment eshlon etgolen ma 6ela3 ? el kobor shain 😛 , la o malech khelg etreden taktebenah , el kesal eshlon sayer !? 8-P

    • msha3erha says:

      Shlooon sawait se7er wo 6ala3tah ;p ma kan ye6la3 weyay!! wo Aaaay kobor?? ent kobor uboooooy hehehe gaweyyah mo ;p

  4. greak says:

    ee wala 7alla
    wa’93 moshay
    wayed msharbak
    I remember a thing, Fe Amreeka wl dowal al mota8adema 😛 el school board is held by parents, they vote for the Manager of the school, they chose the faculty, amazing system to let the parent ON his child education, Drs are working their as a principles.
    bss hm etha 9ar hl system hny it will be done wrong, ppl here will chose the WRONG person just as they did in the National Assembly. Here in Kuwait I have a Theory ,soon it will a law 😛 Anything which is used for the good of society in other cultures; it is used in a very wrong way.
    sorry about the mo3ala8a comment 😛

  5. eshda3wa says:

    shay y3awer elgalb sara7a

    yahal ythaweshoon eb knives

    shele we9alnalah!

  6. shaba9a says:

    poor kids =( and that boy needs help and his parents are responsible for his bad behavior =/ parents arent a good role model these days a9lan =/

  7. Pisces Chick says:

    Seriously, this is so sad laish chithi wisalna? =/

    “Wain Lajnat el Thawaher el Salbeya 3an Hal shay ely ga3ed eyseer fel medares ?! Wela bas fal7en Yantheron 7ag el mar’ah Enha makhloq Jensy lazem naqtelah 3ashan na7meeh mn el wo7osh el bashareya”

    BRAVO 3ALAIK!!!! Enta ta3jebniiiiiii sa7 ilsanik!!

    By the way, check out my blog, you’ve been tagged 😉

  8. ba6alah says:

    greak : ne7taaj e3adat ta’aheel 7ag el mojtama3 :]

    eshda3wa : o e7temal nosal 7ag aswa’a mn chethy hathy mojarad mo’asherat 7ag el wath3 elyay

    shaba9a : yeah :/

    Pisces Chick : I saw it but it’s too long questions 😛 kelesh moga3ed at’harab hehehe :E

  9. ba6alah says:

    Msha3erha : aslan madre how old are you bas bedam geltay hal kalam ma3nata u r young and yeah kobor oboch , ana shayabt bas mo 7as ebro7y :[

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