Posted: May 19, 2010 in Life

Evol is not a card game but some people use it just like playing cards , Evol is something  you can’t understand it if you didn’t see it in a clear way, you can notice it but you can’t imagine how strong is it. Evol is a strange word it might harm you or make you feel happy and sometimes you couldn’t find the reason behind it, the interesting part is every one know it but few appreciate it and there is two kinds of it ==> the bad one and it’s called Evol and the good one & it’s the reversed E-v-o-l = Love, I called it evol because sometimes people use it in a wrong way like people who love hurting others or love to do bad things so that kind of people couldn’t see “love” in a clear view they couldn’t reach the true meaning of love, I think Every one have love side and evol side but we only show the love side and we keep evol hidden  inside us so evol is the reflection of the nasty part or the Evil one. Stay with love, ignore Evol because it might lead you to deadly end . Bad Boys Bad boys Watcha Gonna Do?? I think I’m Gonna use The Evol view  😛 J/K

I’ll Leave You With The Shape of My Heart

P.S : cheny gelabt 3a6efy?  el wa7y ely Nazel 3alaiy hal mara 6ela3 romancy :r

  1. Pisces Chick says:

    Wow! Interesting 🙂

  2. shaba9a says:

    lol xD
    LOVE FTW :p

  3. Anas says:


    A Kuwaiti blogger FourMe is suffering from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a form of cancer.

    A community of bloggers have put effort to create a website for her.

    It would be a great gesture if you can post about her website where people post prayers and give support to her.

    We have no idea who’s prayers are going to be answered. Please spread to the word, help FourMe fight cancer.

    Thank you,

  4. ba6alah says:

    Anas : Allah Eygawemha bel salama inshallah I’ll post about her

  5. msha3erha says:

    Tabi el9ara7a ma kent fahma shay fel bedaya sheno evol sheno 5arabee6 wo tali bs gerait love fahamt lol ;p

    You have a point ;D
    ans I liked the song!

  6. DreamerGal says:

    Omg @ the song; really old, but never get tired from it!

  7. ba6alah says:

    msha3erha : zain Ashwa you liked the song :p

    DreamerGal : Me 2 :]

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